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  1. Literally all of the posts here I agree with, and after "thinking" about it, Microsoft has primarily glossed over its various Windows versions' GUI for years now, with some small improvements in networking . It's the hardware advances that have allowed more advanced applications to flourish. I hardly ever use their "freebee" Accessories, since they're so primitive. As for calculator's, I'd rather use my $9.95 calculator (don't usually need scientific functionality). So it's my humble opinion that the only thing that keeps Windows going is that application developers "still" keep it afloat by targeting M$'s OS before anything else. I must admit to not having much for experience with Linux or OSx, but am getting real close. I enjoy building new computers with the latest hardware technology, but after many years of experiencing application and device compatablity problems with the initial releases of Windows, I'm thinking that a plunge into one of the other OS's is on the near horizon. The question is, Linux or OSx?
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