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  1. I finally got the time to do a fresh install of SuSE 10.2 + KDE (upgrading from 10.1), and I'm having issues with all of my video files not having any thumbnail images showing up in Konqueror. I've installed the w32codecs along with mPlayer, kaffeine, kmplayer, and xine as video players. All of my .mpg, .wmv, and .avi files play fine within everything except for mPlayer (which crashes before the video starts), and the files have no thumbnail images. All of my normal image files have working thumbnails, but the thumbnails for the video files aren't working... They've all worked fine for a while in SuSE 10 and 10.1, but not here. Have i forgotten some codecs or something which would cause video thumbnails to not show? o_O I'm using KDE 3.5.6 with XGL+Beryl installed. Any help is appreciated!
  2. I actually got bored enough one day to open up Google Earth, and find out the wallpaper is a satellite image of southern Yemen Looks amazing on a 19" LCD
  3. I just had to open a couple of different ports, and it worked fine. Last night, i was getting speeds of approx 260kb/s+ when downloading something, with only about 20 seeders connected... Its a wonderful feeling
  4. Thanks alot guys! I uninstalled the version that I installed in SMART, and installed that .rpm, and everything works fine now! Ive been connected for 15 minutes, and I'm already pushing approx 40 seeders, and speeds around 70kb/s...compared to less than 10 seeders, and sub 20kb/s speeds with both kTorrent and Azureus. BitTornado FTW! :beer:
  5. yeah, I initially installed it through SMART (which was just an RPM through GURU), and it also installed the dependencies, which were python 2.4.2 and pythonwx-GTK 2.6.2. When I figured something may have gone wrong through the installation (no errors were given), I downloaded the .rpm myself, ran it through the konsole, and it said that bittornado was already installed... I'd run the command through konsole to see if it will open, but I don't know the command...and "bittornado" isn't it
  6. Oh sorry, didn't realize you were new to Linux Guru is basically a package repository for SuSE RPM downloads. Holds a ton of different files and programs that are needed for extra stuff (that doesnt come with SuSE) to run smoothly. Follow the link given above for steps on how to add Guru as a YaST source, so whenever you use YaST to search for packages or updates, it will also look through Guru's collection of stuff to download and update from. You can use YaST's Software Manager to search for "xine-lib", right click the xine-lib package in the list, and choose to delete it. Once that's deleted, and you've followed the steps above to add Guru as a YaST source, you can then do another search in the Software Manager for "libxine", and check that for installation. After that installs, you should be fine!
  7. haha congrats! Hope you're enjoying it so far :beer: I also expected it to be there, in Internet > Data Exchange, where kTorrent is listed for me, but BitTornado isnt there...
  8. How do you actually use BitTornado? I just installed it via SMART (SuSE 10.1), and BitTornado and its dependencies installed fine, yet its not listed in my KMenu, and I can't figure out how to actually get it to download anything o_O.
  9. You need to download the 'libxine' package from Guru, and delete the 'xine-lib' package that comes with SuSE 10.1. xine-lib is automatically crippled, yet libxine will allow everything to work properly. I just fixed this problem on my install last night, and I had the exact same Xine and Kaffine error messages that you had.
  10. I dont know if its a problem with my PC personally (which it may be), but kTorrent is just terrible for me. ive tried to download files with 500+ seeds and less leechers, yet after a significant amount of time, the download speeds never rise above 20kb/s, and less than 10 seeders are connected to. Just the other day, I tried to download an episode of Lost S3 that i missed on tv, with 1500+ seeders. It initially connected to about 8 seeders, and they gradually dropped out one by one...leaving me with a dead transfer within an hour. Ive tried multiple torrents from multiple torrent search engines, and multiple types of torrents, and I have yet to find anything that works well with kTorrent. I also havent had much luck with Azureus' linux port...that would just constantly crash on me. I dont know if its a problem with my network hookup (its worked fine for years using Windows), but torrents just dont like me anymore...
  11. I just installed Doom 3 on Linux after playing it for a while in Windows, and amazingly, it plays much better in Linux than it ever did on XP. With my 7600GT, in XP, I'm able to run it at 1280x1024 (max), Ultra quality (max), and AA 4X (16X max). Once you move AA up to 8x, stuff starts to get a bit choppy, and up to 16x, the game is just unbearable... In SuSE, I'm actually able to run the game at 100% maximum settings, with no choppiness or hiccupping what-so-ever!
  12. Daddymac117


    I actually got to see both on the same day last week I just completed a full hardware upgrade (new processor, mobo, video card), and both of my XP and SuSE installations got completely confused. XP gave me the BSOD, and required a full reinstall to work again since the repair function didnt fix anything. Linux's kernel panicked, and i was able to repair any major problems with the installation cd's repair functions, then manually install the new nVidia display drivers (coming from an ATI 9800 Pro), and I was good to go.
  13. I still have my power supply from my previous P4 based PC, but its actually on its last leg, and I dont even know how well it'll work with all of these parts. If need be, I can try that one out to at least check the main components and determine whether its the PSU or something else. Is the general consensus from everyone that I should plop in a diff PSU before I pull everything back out of the case to test for grounding issues? Thanks alot for the replies, guys!
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