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    AMD 64 3200+ (skt 754) | 3gb (3*1024) Corsair XMS DDR 400 | ASUS K8N | BFG 7800gs oc 256mb AGP | Soundblaster Audigy SE | Ultra XConnect 2 550w | XP Home (sp2)
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  1. Yeah that's a good one. However, I have found Koroush Ghazi's guides to be very informative as well. He not only has a XP guide but Vista and game and program specifics as well. You can view his XP and Vista guides here All of his guides can be found right here Enjoy! I did notice Tweakguides has been mentioned in this forum but the posts are about 2 years old. I guess they were lost in the shuffle.
  2. Have you tried right-clicking the desktop - Arrange Icons By > [clicking] "Show Desktop Icons" ? Just a guess.
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