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  1. Why don't you score disc on percent of capacity instead of volume
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. I have removed; and reinstalled with disc that came with backup/ I used the backup star because i wanted to save stuff incase of a hard drive crash that i had before and be able to reboot from backup drive. The software doesn't seem to recognise the backup drive ,it still uses the correct drive letter. What I meant before was if I deleted info off of backup drive and did a complete fresh reload do you think the software will recognize backup drive this time.
  3. running windows xp2003,using Bytecc backup star,i restored some stuff from adaware, When I try to do a backup on my external hard drive I get a message/ This is a oem version software for Bytecc [067b,2507] Drive G is invalid It may not be continued. Ihave tried reloading disc but no luck. Will cleaning off disc and reloading work? Bytecc has no info on help button or their site and doesn't really explain how to operate too well.
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