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  1. I reformatted and I have everything back, took me an hour, not that bad. I did put mcafee back on my computer to make sure I never have something like that happen again. thank you for trying at least
  2. Oh I know, I started reformating about half an hour ago, Thank you for your help ;D Really, its not all that bad XD just a day of work and thats about it, I'll take that time to do homework and such
  3. there isn't and I used the disinfection on it too...
  4. should I use an external harddirve to back all these up?
  5. i can do that, and will do that...
  6. yes we are, sorry, I'll wait for your reply... I'm guessing anything on my ipod is also infected since I kept exe files on it?
  7. can I save firefox bookmarks? pictures? word documents?
  8. can I get an answere before I start reformatting?
  9. SO full reformant keep nothing?, is there a list of what I can keep? or nothing at all?
  10. the thing is, I reformatted a while ago, and the virus got back on, I have no clue how or why.... oh and AVG finds everything as a virus named like AOL instance messagers a virus...
  11. the first time we did Otmove it, aka on the first page, I had my taskpan and my regedit back, then after a reboot, I lost them both, I can not download DRweb scan because I can not get to any anti virus site, I can't get to mcafee, I can not get to online scaners, nothing... The thing you gave me to enable them, when I click it its says it can't work because regedit is disabled... Bottom line, DRWebscan- can't get to the site OtMoveIt- Worked first time for a bit, then when I just redid it, it didn't help regfix.reg- does not work because I can't edit my registry.
  12. the script did not help, but after I did the script last time, it worked.... I didnt do a think in post 33 because I can't get the .reg to work since regedit is disabled
  13. Reg edit is disabled with taskmanger... I mentioned this before... Should I use OTMoveIt again then use the regedit and then continue?
  14. Stealth MBR rootkit detector 0.2.4 by Gmer, http://www.gmer.net device: opened successfully user: MBR read successfully kernel: MBR read successfully user & kernel MBR OK
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