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  1. "Move on Boot" refers to simply rebooting your computer, as in turning it off then on again....has nothing to do to with the 'boot' regarding a new install.... fire
  2. another nifty little gizmo is "Move on Boot"....has always worked for me though make sure that folder isn't part n' parcel of something you've installed....if you aren't sure, leave it be as it isn't taking up significant space.... hope that helps... fire
  3. try going back to windows classic screen n' lose the skin.... also, there should be some buttons on the bottom of your monitor that will change the size n' shape of screen without messing with the resolution.... set everything, including resolution to 'regular' settings then reboot.... also, you didn't say what programs were being cut off but there are some games n' such that work only with a particular resolution.... sometimes putting everything back to 'normal' will help....then you can see what happens hope that helps.... fire
  4. i think your problem might be alleviated by adding more ram RAM installed 512 MB Windows RAM 383 MB that's a fairly large discrepancy n' it appears as though you prefer to have lots running yet many of those items listed in the grey n' purple portions of the list aren't necessary. you can click on each one for further info n' there's usually a link to Answers That Work after one click.... for example, click on ALCXMNTR.EXE n' you'll find that should be disabled.... http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/SWDetai...?swid=682185817 there's something putting a load on your cpu....perhaps after checking what's running n' disabling some of the items that load will go down also, don't know what you've got on D Drive but 17% free space isn't enuff breathing for anything to function properly
  5. i feel like i should apologize for posting this there are lots of free apps n' some that ya hafta pay for....some folks like nortons though not free n' others prefer avg me? i think avg is worth about as much as it costs though have many free apps that i think are terrific anywhoooooo, if anyone is interested in a different app, that usually costs 50 bucks, for linux i hope this is useful
  6. not sure if this is lindows http://www.linspire.com/products_order_linspire50.php
  7. sounds like a rather cool deal to me
  8. it's definitely more right than not
  9. i read that in French Quarter n' a few other pockets where folks stayed for whatever reason, tribes have been formed with responsibilities divied up, docs making rounds....i'm finding this wonderful side of human nature equally as phenomenal as the ugly sides..... there's more to learn here than simply how to avert a similar tragedy.... apparently, other chains like wal-mart have been rollin' in with supplies as well well, hell's bells lilbill, that's cuz bush doesn't shop at Staples....just imagine how different things might have been if he did have an Easy Button....
  10. brandon...i think you missed my point by either taking what i posted too literally or i dunno what but the national guard have zip to do with what i was attempting to to express with regard to the investigations n' such that will ensue ad nauseum on down the road. two separate deals all together, unless you want my post to imply something not intended.... though i'm too tired to figure it out anyway n' at this point not even sure i care to
  11. tsk, tsk....nothin' better to do though really now, i think anyone would be fairly hard pressed to say washington is blameless in all of this....maybe the next thread can be about splitting the percentage between who was at fault days 3 through 6 n' yet continuing. when this is done n' over with, zillions will be spent on investigations, committees n' yadda yadda yadda....too bad those dollars n' man hours can't be put to use right now
  12. that slays me ..... there's a seething anger under my skin. i've felt it before.... quite primal n' not sure how i'm going to direct it yet though looking to make an awful lot of noise but not until i figure out the best targets suggestions welcome
  13. Bruce ~ in a perfect world, i might be inclined to turn it off but the world isn't perfect n' i've not gotten a virus or any type of nasty as a result of running OE so although the world isn't perfect....i must be dang lucky that or i've got things locked down pretty tight
  14. well, thought i was pretty safe with what i posted....i mean....who's not gonna know i was just goofin'
  15. why do say that? what with the use of message rules n' tight security, why is it your opinion that OE is crappy
  16. WHAT????? i'm resting see? this is what happens when ya read only the last post cuz that's all ya see in the email notification
  17. Rock ~ you goofball mouse ~ you do too work everyday in fact....just np longer doing the job you retired from 10 years ago not gonna fool me into thinking you just sit around all day eatin' bonbons n' watchin' soaps, which reminds me, i need to program the vcr to record my afternoon soap
  18. Ike ~ that's some pretty fancy footwork there excellent work
  19. nice little program thanx Ike much appreciated....
  20. Mirror, Mirror In a fancy Paris restaurant, there is a magical wish-granting mirror. But it only grants wishes if you tell the truth -- if you lie, you disappear. One day, 2 women and a man enter the restaurant and decide to try out the mirror. The first woman goes first..."I think I'm the smartest woman on earth." "POOF!" She disappears. The 2nd woman goes up to try..."I think I'm the prettiest woman on earth." "POOF!" She disappears. The man goes up.,,"I think--" "POOF!!!"
  21. i guess when i think of a gift for someone, i'd like it to be something they probly wouldn't buy for themselves'. i wouldn't buy someone a necessity unless i knew that's specifically what they wanted....
  22. how about an exquisite shawl-like scarf, though made of more substantioal material n' larger than a scarf, that she could wear over most anything....like a black background with colored threads woven throughout.
  23. this thread should maybe just be closed....
  24. doesn't seem very funny to me
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