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  1. Sorry I hadn't gotten back sooner to thank you for advice and processing refund. Had big weekend in Santa Cruz. I guess what I'm hearing is the old adage 'You get what you pay for'. The big numbers seem to a low-tech guy like me to be plenty to work with when buying even a low end computer. I've always understood the more memory, the more data storage available, but it's never been intuitive to me that more memory also equates to better performance. I've taken your advice and ordered a pair of 256 modules. Seems like a good 'gang for buck' at this time until I can invest in a new computer (hopefully in the not too distant future). Thanks again. I'ts great to find an honest, informative and easy to use forum like this. Stan
  2. Went back and looked again. Found blank space, found how to highlight it, but when I hit 'backspace', got returned to previous page (same as clicking browser back button).
  3. OK, tried, and seemed to get through the scan, but not sure link got sent properly. Never did see the space that's supposed to be removed.
  4. Thanks for greeting! Yes, knew about refund, but unfortunately am well past that deadline. Since slow performance is across the board (even a relatively small word document takes awhile to open), am wondering if there is a systemic soft/hardware problem. Can something like that exist that Optimize doesn't recognize?
  5. Purchased Optimize several weeks ago. Have noticed little or no performance improvement. Stan
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