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  1. Cool, 80s neon, serious! ... I dig the Eighties!
  2. Too many people like to sensationalize their feelings so as to make life more interesting. When I was a kid and wanted to believe that I lived in an adventurous fantasy land, I seriously made an effort to believe that there were such creatures as fairies, hobgoblins, etc. Some people will combine their religious beliefs and the gullibility of their social contacts to create a self-sensationalizing episode wherein they are the witness or bringer of 0-day anecdotes about a supernatural experience they or someone they know had. How many people, if they weren't religious or had never seen a movie or tv show or read a book about ghosts would "experience" ghosts? Probably none but those who want to make something easy to explain - I didn't get along with Billy, he died, and lately I've been hearing creaks in the house late at night, Billy must somehow live on here to haunt me, his worst enemy....
  3. Yeah, I've always hated quoting dictionary definitions, because in the end we all come up with our own tweaked definitions of a given idea. I understand how you feel, but if we had a justice system that was 100% accurate in murder convictions, I'd have no problem with the worst among them being exterminated. They're just wild, mindless animals at that point and should be treated as vicious, violent, killer animals get treated. As I've said in other posts, I think that since the system isn't perfect, that death penalty sentences should be reserved for those who are so obviously guilty.
  4. No. Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of a person, typically with malicious intent - by Webster's Dictionary. Killing a murderer, especially a real sicko isn't murder in my book.
  5. It's not about "righting" a wrong. Nothing will bring a murder victim back. Just exterminate the perpetrator like we do with rabid animals, because there is little point in keeping them alive.
  6. I see no moral question in executing those guilty of sickening crimes against innocent people. The only reason I'm a bit reserved in how often I think it should be applied is because some people may be put on death row for a crime they didn't commit, however, there are some cases where it's very clean cut and the person should be exterminated like a rabid dog, because that's what they are. In some cases, I wouldn't mind a bit of torture being used on the sickest murderers to force them to feel something similar as what their victims felt before they are executed. And Bruce, even though I sometimes disagree, I enjoy your bluntness, and on this issue, I agree with your assessment of the pieces of homo sapien garbage that commit sickening crimes against children, especially.
  7. When you're not leading my demon hordes!!!
  8. No, Linux is not Unix. Read here
  9. Don't upset me puny Pokemon boy! Right now there is a killer within two miles of your home - would you like me to give him a little... direction in his life?
  10. Yes, but you're not the general of my armies. You are Pikachu, who gets his jolly's being a monster in somebody's pocket
  11. It's because my "entity" is partially material that exists in another plane. It's what allows me to do the things I like to do. Nah, I don't think you're also known as Apollyon. Pikachu sounds more like it.
  12. Astan height: 8'3" weight: 293lb Age: 10e32 Eyes: black Hair: black, with two cute horns coming out of the upper sides of my head Mayhem, deception, and did I mention mayhem?
  13. Well, basically, the BSD people had essentially been permitted to use UNIX source in their kernel, but when BSD became a force to be reckoned with (basically a system that would do (basically for free) what AT&T's expensive UNIX did). That's what the legal battles ended up being about - AT&T trying to force the BSD people to take all UNIX code out. That stymied BSD development and kinda gave linux a good start cos people weren't sure if the BSD stuff would survive. Obviously it did, but the Linux community has grown very large and powerful, though BSD operating systems are becoming a bit more popular lately than they've been.
  14. Linux was created as an alternative to UNIX in 1991, around the time AT&T was fighting legal battles with the BSD-unix people. Linux was supposed to be different enough from unix that they wouldn't have similar issues. Linux isn't unix, but the feel is very similar. This is basically why it's an issue that there is supposedly some vintage UNIX (capitalised "unix") code in the kernel, if SCO's claims are true.
  15. No, we can't prove evolution is a pipe dream any more than we can prove the existence of God.
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