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  1. Sorry it took so long to get back......... No, my download speeds have been as high as 9000 kb/s but when I do the download speed from the pitstop, it's only as high as 4500.........but if your saying they've been working on code, this is probably what I'm seeing because there is no real effect on the computers performance.....thanx
  2. Thanks for the info, but I think there may be more to it and I'm trying to understand what it may be. I re-ran the optimize and now it has my TCP curren value at 426320 and the recommended at 169360. To gather more information I ran the Optimize program again and my cable modem speed is running at 4902 Kbit/second and my ping time is =47ms. I ran the Pitstop online tune up and it suggest that I defrag my "C" drive and there is an issue with the amount of restore space being used on my "H" drive. I have to hard drives split into 4 partitions, 2 each. My operating system on my "C" drive is all I have set up on the system restore, the rest are disabled. I also changed the cache because on one of the test I did online, it recommended I set it below 100 MB I believe....and I did make those changes. The other reason I have this concern is because in all the time I've used the Optimize software, this has never come up. My internet connection has always run great according to the test. I have been unchecking the box on changing the internet speed connections on occasion so that I don't constantly reboot. But I do accept to change the TCP settings every 4 or 5 days, so that my Optimize can run it's full course. Any other ideas as to why this has just started happening would be a big help. Can it be caused by software I've loaded, or anything else I may have done to cause this to suddenly appear? Thanks again for all the help! Louis P.S....I just ran the Btk test for my browser that the Pitstop website is sponsoring and it was o.k.
  3. I have used the PC Pitstop Optimize now for about a year or more and love it. It is a wonderfull tool for cleaning up registry, broken files extensions, etc...but now I'm having to reboot after every time I use the program. The following is something new to the scan, maybe someone can help. During the optimize process, I get the window that pops up and tells me that my internet settings can be adjusted to make my computer run up to 200% faster. This is new. I never got this page before. It goes on to state that my TCP receiving current value is 426320 and the recommended value is 169360 and that it will optimize these settings. After completion, I must reboot my computer each time. The values change on this page each time I run the optimizer. If I run it right after the reboot, the page shows no recommendation. Any answers to why this is all the sudden happening would be appreciated. Thanks!
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