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    Dfi Nforce4 Lanparty Ultra D 4/06/06 Bios (latest official) Opteron 144 CAB1E 0614 @2.7ghz stock V 2x XFX 7600gt SLI 3dmark05 11,425 2xGeil 1 Gig pc3200 3,3,3,11 WD 80gig ide 8meg buffer Windows XPsp2 Rosewill 550w sli ready psu
  1. I picked up a boxed opteron 165 popped it in and it runs the same exact settings as my opteron 144 (only now I have two cores !) It set me back 95 bucks.
  2. Ok I made it to th 3000+ club ! With only one component change ! (bet you cant guess what it is lol) http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=0LYQHW6J1YVSVBUW Now im gunning for 4000+ !
  3. Ok, here is my s754 test, (dont Laugh !) Soon to come a test with win98se ! http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=P1DUHWYUYYVS06JW And oh, I didnt think that win2k had system restore !
  4. Very, very interesting.........hmmmmmmm. I have win98se installed on a backup drive for the s754 I have. I gonna try it !
  5. Wow, great score for an s754. I think I will throw mine on here ! (give me a day or 2) BTW, how did you get your video score so high ?
  6. New best score : http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NN0UHWURMYVSHPJW Creepin' up to that 3000 !
  7. Oh, ok, youre using vista. I dont think coolbits and or nv tweak work in vista. Somebody said to use ntune. Thats your next option.
  8. Sounds like the program should have done its job. What version of the control panel do you use ? I use the old one. Its shows all the links to the left of the gui. Good luck !
  9. Did you open your video control panel and look for extra features ? Such as clock frequency and advanced grapic options ? Did you install the program, it only takes about 2 seconds.
  10. Both u guys killed me...........but thats ok....im not jealous :
  11. Just go here to get coolbits : downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=815 Then run it. That simple
  12. LOL ! how do you get neg ? Hey, im gonna pull out my commodre 64 to see if I can beat you in reverse ! Actualy, I think I can make a slower system, give me time Oh, by the way, how many days did it take to run the test ?
  13. Your lucky, you have an am2 board. Me, I'm stuck with s939 lol
  14. Holy cow, nice score, looks like you should hit 2500 no prob ! Your system looks real close to mine (except for the extra drives )
  15. I have been noticing that the x2's and the core 2duos (and soon the quads) are dominating the scores here. I thought it might be nice if all us single core guys could post our test results here ! (with the mods approval of course !). Heres mine : http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=ELS6HWURMYVS0XWW New high score ! I just now ran my pc stock, with all the bios defaults 1.8ghz etc., score = 1850. oc'ed score =2633. The oc makes quite a difference !
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