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    1.5 ghz G4 1.75 gb ram also have an emachine for games
  1. New Mac laptops start at $1099, not $1999. Occasionally Apple offers factory refurbished models as low as $799. New desktops (Mac Minis) start at $599 - less for refurbs. I have owned both Macs and PC's since the mid-ninties and although there are certainly more apps out for PC's, I have found far more things that I could do on a Mac, but not on a PC, than visa versa. Yes, games are indeed, more plentiful on PC's, which is why I own both. But Mac owners today, have the luxury of being able to run PC apps as well as PC's do. So the only relevant argument here is that PC's cannot run both OS's as Macs can do. The real reason Macs are much better however, is that the OS is infinitely superior and more stable. Mac owners spend almost no time at all bogged down in maintenance. Have you noticed, there is no MacPitstop?? I rest my case:-) Bob Harris
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