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    965 mb 8800gtx gcard duel core pro 1 g mem blue fin power
  1. does the dq6 clock better than the ds3 ? did want to get some 2 gig ddr modules khx6400d2ll kingston with vista and update the processor to q6850 extreme quad core.. had this system a month now and already its much slower than alot of systems out there.. anyone got this hardware now ? post away please so i can have a lookie and the pit test results
  2. Thanks guys and sorry for posting in the wrong place.. just waiting for vista ultimate from my neibour he works at microsoft and can get decent staff discount,i was thinking about changing the board,as the ds3 only has 1 space for the 8 series g cards and the dq6 scored better on most tests in performancetest v6.1 anyone have the dq6 and know of any shortfalls ? the ds3 is a great board for clocking is this the same with the dq6 ? also is having 1 gig and 2 x 512 likely to be slowing things down ? as soon as finances allow should be updateing mem to ddr3,
  3. heres my test results click apart from the two minor problems could anyone suggest upgrades to improve performance please .
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