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    QX6700, Asus Striker Extreme, BFG 8800gtx X2, Geil Esoteria 6400, 2 Barracuda 750, 1 Raptor 150 10k, Plextor DVDrw, Liteon CDrw, Faital1ty Pro, Dell 24"
  1. Just to clarify your situation you can get the board to post but only with some sticks removed yes or no? If you can post with one or more stick you then went back into the BIOS and reset everything to the default yes or no? If you can post and you have reset your bios to defaults have you then verified the the Gigabyte overclocking tool is not running in the background and loading a profile to re-estblish your overclocks?
  2. I recommend BFG I blew an 8800gtx up in the recently completed forum wars, called BFG got an RMA # sent it in and they shipped a new one out the same day it arrived at their warehouse no questions asked. The OC2 series are within soitting distance of the water cooled units so if you do setup WCing then you sould have some headroom available.
  3. What's the point of arguing if no one is open minded and can't be convinced. Arguing over the internet is like the special olympics, even if you win you're still slower than the average bear.
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