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  1. Good morning! I couldn't help sharing an early morning office incident with you fellow readers... One of my two colleagues in the office is using an up to date PC (less than 5 months old) with windows XP, while me and the third colleague use G5s with OSX. We all use Adobe CS3 and CorelDraw 12 on the PC (please note that the PC user uses Photoshop CS2 because Photoshop CS3 really slows down the PC and caused more than a lot of hung ups)... Well, a few moments ago the PC user started swearing because his PC suddenly freezed losing all the work he did from the morning boot (about half an hour's Photoshop work)... Now, my other (third) colleague is merely a PC user and anything but a computer freak. She's been using the Mac just over a year, while she has more than 15 years of experience working with PCs. So, she turns to our PC colleague and says: "What'd you expect? With the PCs you can never be sure. You should save every other click you make!"... Repeat: she's working just over a year on a Mac while she has a 15 year experience with PCs... Have a nice (problem-free) day!
  2. Present topic, page 8, post #73 (by me) See? I did propose a review! You just didn't read it... But then again, it seems that there's a lot you don't want to read... Like a lot of questions you didn't (don't want to) answer... You just want to say what you want to say... Sorry about that... Who produces one of the most powerful engines in Formula 1? Ferrari. Who uses Ferrari engines now? Spyker. Who designed the chassis used by Spyker? Ferrari. See? Spykers are Ferraris!!!!!! (Well, it may be that the team is at the bottom of the F1 championship, but this is another story)...
  3. Wow! Brandon you don't want to see? You don't want to understand? What? However it is still a fact! You comprehend the meaning of the word "fact", don't you? I already suggested that! Why repeat? I left out Linux because I don't consider it to be for the average user... I will reconsider it as soon as you help me to set up my Sagem 840 modem in Ubuntu 7.04 (or any other Linux distribution) in a really simple way... Like on a Mac! Read again: "It just works!" or "It gets the job done!"... No strings attached... And what is that "Macs are PCs" theory? Maybe you wish, so you can think that a PC is finally a Mac... But you're still far from truth... May the force be with you...
  4. Repeat: I don't understand techno-jargon... Fact: The only benchmark I understand is real-life situations... Fact: I want to run Photoshop, period. Not "run Photoshop also, albeit under Wine"... Better luck? Using a Mac I don't rely on luck! Fact: Not me, not the average user, not everybody has the time and/or the ability and/or the will to dive into Linux (recompile?)... I just want my work done... Isn't that simple enough? Fact: I understand Linux is a superior OS but I'm not a computer wizzard. Can I have an application that I double-click and gets the job done, please? No recompile, no techno-demanding installation... I tried to run Ubuntu 7.04... Can you, please, tell me a straight-forward way to connect to the Internet using the Sagem 840 modem? Repeat: I'm an average user, not a computer wizzard... Make it simple... Fact: "Patin-Couffin" driver version 37 (1.37) for both my IDE devices is the driver not needed by IDE devices?... What? Ignorant? Paid shill of Apple?... Nope!... Just want to keep my time-demanding customers satisfied. And my Mac helps... A lot! You can keep your Athlons, clock speeds and Mhzs (I don't understand any of these, ignorant as I am), and I can keep my customers... Enough said... Greetings!
  5. OK, let's see some examples... Back in 1987 I used an Atari ST (and later an Atari TT) for desktop publishing and music (with the embedded MIDI port and capabilites). I used Calamus SL (a fantastic piece of software that even today's InDesign CS3 can hardly beat) for DTP purposes. Back then Calamus used real outline fonts when PCs took years to adopt this font technology. Circa the same era I used Amiga with the Toast card for video editing and presentation. Both machines turned out to be superior (at that time) to any given PC in music, DTP and/or video. And that lasted for years... The only interesting aspect of PCs back then was dBase III... I don't know about benchmarks and all that numbers counted when my PCs were drawing rectangles, circles and colourful schemes on the screen, but I know very well how long it took to apply a certain filter at a certain image in Photoshop using my Quadra (back in time) and a contemporary PC. The Quadra had the job done while the PC was still in half the process! And I was using similar memory, speed, hard disc capacity systems... I also know that when I replaced a CD writer on my PC I had all sorts of compatibility problems both in software (drivers) and hardware (I even got a message that certain CD media were not compatible with the specific CD writer!)... After a few drivers tests and changes it turned out there was no such incompatibility... But all these needed time, time, time... A year ago, I tried my first ever replacement of a CD unit in my G5... I was amazed that there were no cables involved! I just plugged out the old CD/DVD writer and plugged in the new one!... No cables! No screws! I turned on my G5 and opened ToastIt and voila! I burned the first DVD with no drivers installation, no nothing! It just worked! And it wasn't any Apple bought DVD... Just a bulk DVD writer from the local computer store with no Apple support... Exactly the same happens with any new peripheral I install to the G5 at home or at the office: no drivers, no incompatibilities, no fuss, no problems... It just works, is it a printer, an external HD, a scanner, a camera, anything... It seems that Macs don't install drivers!... I don't know how this works, but it works! Just about the same happened with our network at the office... We had to do all sorts of settings on the PCs, while we just plugged in the Ethernets into the Macs and every Mac could see every other network-PC... Well, it was a bit more complicated for the PCs to do the same... Define names and masks and all sorts of things I don't understand... Above all, I always remember the vast amount of PC blue screens, freezes, restarts, hung ups, anything you name... But when it comes to Macs these are counted to the fingers of my two hands during a lifetime (well, 22 years)... I can remember most of the occasions on by one! Last but not least, it's my PC that consumes most of my budget since there are always software needs to be filled, like the PC Pitstop I bought from this site, the McAfee Security Suite, etc... Software that I never needed for my G5 or will ever need... Like I already said "It just works!" and it gets the job done smoothly... I can rely on a Mac for all my needs... And I can hardly say the same for any of the PCs I owned... P.S. Not to mention the times I re-formatted the hard drives and re-installed Windows because of problems that could not be solved in any other way!... Time, time, time...
  6. Well, Spectrum 48K and Amstrad 128 had colour display during the 80's (not to mention Oric, Commodore 64, etc)!... Suppose that makes those machines better than Mac?... Let's try to compare systems on parallel eras... You mention 1984... Windows 1.0 hit the market at November 1985 (that's almost 2 years later, since Mac OS was released January 1984 - not to mention Lisa OS a year earlier, January 1983)... And even then Windows was not an operating system, but it was a graphical interface for MS-DOS... The first acceptable version of Windows was 3.1 (still a graphical interface and not an operating system) and that was not before 1992 (that's 8 years later!) and if we would like something to compare we would need Windows 95 (and that's 11 years later!) with long filenames etc... So, if you'd like to compare something you should go like this: Year 1984, Mac = Mac OS with graphic interface capable of running multiple applications simultaneously } PCs = MS DOS no graphic interface, not capable of running multiple applications simultaneously, Year 1985, 1986, 1987 etc... You can't compare the crashing 1984 Mac OS with the crashing 2000 Windows XP... I'm not into techno-jargon ( I don't know what "pre-emptive multitasking operating system" means), but I know which machine gets the work done at the end of the day, the fastest, more secure and reliable way and that machine bears a bitten apple logo on it... Since 1981, I've been through Spectrum, Amstrad all sorts of Ataris (ST to TT and Falcon - including hardware emulators for PCs and Macs -- Aladin, Spectre 128, etc), Commodore, Amiga, all sorts of PCs, and many Macs (Classic, Quadra, G3, G4, G5), ending up to using today a PC and a G5. All these years I discovered that every PC was a lesser machine than any of the others, compared of course at the same eras, including sound, video, multitasking, ease of use, security, stability, etc... No video can convince me of any PC superiority and no user should be convinced before he/she tries to get any job done in both systems. My proposal: if possible, try to live your everyday computer life with a PC for a month and then try another month with a Mac... You don't need no video to find out the truth...
  7. What a hilarious video!!! That was good! That was really good! Thanx pal, you made my day! Keep up the good work! What? You were talking seriously? No way!!! I'll tell you three words, my friend: "It just works!" (and I mean the Mac)... ...while you're downloading the latest anti-virus database... ...while you are cleaning your registry... ...while you're trying to get rid of all that mal-spy-ad-ware... ...while you are searching for the latest drivers for your new peripheral... ...while you're trying to figure out if it's the video card, the sound card, or your web-camera that conflicts with your brand new scanner... ...while you're are trying to set up some skin-software, so that your PC will look like a Mac... ...while you're pressing again CTRL-ALT-DEL (can you imagine that the vast majority of Mac users don't even know what key combination they should press to reset their machines? -- they don't need to!!!)... ...while you're reading if you should firstly install the drivers and then plug-in your new USB device, or is it the other way?... (also known as plug and pray)... ...while you're searching for the best software (like PC Pitstop) to enhance your PC booting time, memory management, registry, etc, etc... ...while you are trying to get back to a safe boot-point (I don't know how this is called in English)... It just works, my friend, while you're trying to persuade us that any PC in better... Even Microsoft have learned that! The (Hasta la) Vista presentation in Belgium was made on a Mac, knowing that it is a far more reliable machine (remember that Bill Gates' blue screen incident? -- they didn't want to repeat it, so they used a Mac)... The first time a Mac crashed in the office, three employees took out our cell-phones and took pictures of the screen so we'd had a proof! That rare! (As it turned out it was a malfunctioning series of video cards and Apple had extended it's warranty and gladly replaced free of charge every machine in the world with such a card)... Did the problem occurred again? Nope! Wanna talk about software quantity? Sorry to inform you that most Mac users don't need all that software! Their machines are far more better than any PC user could ever be able to get using any of this software... Don't forget that quantity doesn't mean quality... The fact is that while PC users may really need all that software to make their machines work, Mac users just got all that (and even more) out of the pack! No additional help needed!... That simple! Wanna try history? OK! Mac users were using MS Word, MS Excel, etc, long before PCs got their first even graphical interface (I think it was Digital Research's GEM) and while PC users were trying to imagine how would their plain text documents look when printed... Talking about music? When we were recording in studio with Pro Tools the best PCs could do was "beeep"... Wanna try speech synthesis with no extra software/hardware?... Go on!... Oh, I could go on forever, but I find it useless... Ignorance isn't always a bliss, my friend... You should go deeper... I could send you a screen capture of a G5 (not even a Duo!) running XP in one window and surfing the net in it, while running Windows Me in another window and grabbing some CDs, while all three programs of the Adobe armanda (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) running in OSX... That on a PC??? Not even in your wildest dreams!... And the future?... Just take a look at Leopard... I bet you'll see many ideas to copy and try to install them on your PC with a bunch of software and utilities that will follow... Be happy, my friend! You own a fantastic, super-duper-powered machine at a fragment of a price of any Mac... Isn't it wonderful?
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