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  1. Brandon, thanks for the feedback, I have never run anything but win xp on my pc and it works ok except that the os gets contaminated or screwed up somehow and won't boot. this was my main problem with pc's I'm very impressed that you were able to put together a fast component machine for $350. How did you get everything so cheap? Not sure why you are running win 2000, every review I read says xp is the top microsoft os. I can only guess you don't want to spend the extra money. If you are happy with your pc and win 2000 and they do everything you want by all means stay with them. Myself, I am looking forward to getting a new Intel Mac as soon as their new OS comes out and loading a copy of XP pro with Parallels Desktop for the mac. I tried out Parallels with a friends Mac and it does an amazing job of running both OS's at the same time. Hit one key and switch between the two.
  2. I own and use both Mac and PC. I bought a PC because many of my customers had PC's and I needed to interface with some of their software and file types. Both have their strengths and weaknesses! Mac is more expensive but I prefer Rolex to Timex and the new Mac can run both Win and OSX 2 for 1, also my current mac is 8 yrs old and runs latest OS at full speed because I can upgrade my processor to 8 times its original speed for a very reasonable price. Also I have never had a Mac OS that failed to boot at startup It has happened way too often on my pc's I have had to buy all kinds of virus and spam protection software for my pc to keep it from getting taken over by hackers and none for the Mac. Many businesses use pc's because they are cheap and for the same reason they don't get their employees Rolls for their company cars. Look carefully at your high end user and people who want quality without OS problems and hacker problems and you will find people willing to pay more to get the better product If money is the main consideration buy a pc. If quality and reliability are more important you won't buy a Timex. I don't like having to pay top dollar but when I look at the overall cost to me over 8 years with the Mac I really come out ahead in the long run. My first pc only cost $650 but it was dead in 3 years after lots of problems My Mac cost $1200 and and $500 in upgrades but it runs like a top and has never failed to boot. and it is still going after 8 years, you do the math. I like some programs on the PC that are not available for Mac but almost every serious software co. makes for both like Adobe and Intuit and many others. I will continue to use both systems for many reasons but now I can run both on a new Intel Mac.
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