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  1. To those who are touting the apparent "invulnerability" of the Mac OS. If you were a hunter, and a good one, would you deliberately choose to hunt in an area that had little or no known game in it? Get real - who cares about writing virues for a Mac? Basically, you are a non-profit platform that because so few people are attracted to it for very, viable reasons, no hacker apparently can be bothered. This is not a claim to fame to write home to mother about! MuchAdoAbout...
  2. Well put Dave. People always talk about how PCs are so virus prone. Yet all they have to do is use common sense and be aware that the milk of human kindness does not flow in any appreciable quanity on the internet. If one will go out in a rainstorm without an umbrella one will get wet, and by the same token you will get a virus if you don't protect your computer with the proper security software. Which part of "Grow up and take responsibility don't they understand?" MuchAdoAbout...
  3. Now boys, boys let's not get carried away here. Did you ever see someone cut off in traffic go into "rant mode"; cursing the person who cut them off - while the culprit keeps on driving unaware of the verbal barrage just leveled at him? To me the ranters in these cases essentially have turned over control of their minds to the offending agent and allowed them to make them act badly. Well, that's what the PC/Apple battle reminds me of Much Ado about Nothing. I happen to like PC's; I like the flexibility that the large user base gives in terms of cost savings and choice on both hardware and software. I also have a quite powerful machine that will be even more fun when I get around to upgrading it to Windows XP x64. How much "power" does one really need anyway? The man who handles the fine art print production part of my publishing business uses a Mac G-5 - he loves it - it cost me way too much for what we got, I would never buy it again, but it does what he wants in terms of image manipulation - not that my PC couldn't also. However, he has to use a PC for the RIP that sends the finished files though to the giclee printer because to write the RIP (Raster Image Processor) program that translates an RGB file to CMYK that a printer can understand for a MAC just won't happen with the compartively small user base. I would imagine that it is not just in the field of printing that highly refined, proprietary programs such as our RIP are only ever going to be written for PCs. I felt the points made in the video were well taken - especially given the increasingly more irritating as time goes by ads Apple has been running. Apple is lucky the PC crowd doesn't counter their ad campaign; itwould be really easy to find more than enough "holes" in the Apple boat to sink it. Starting with you can buy two PCs for the price of one Mac and you aren't forced to buy it from a company that has no competition except itself. Bottom line is, I don't care what you use - if you like it, and it works for you and it ain't broke - stick with it. Life is much too short to get hot about a chunk of metal that whether PC or Mac will in due course break down and screw up seveal days of your life. Last I checked there still were a few real and serious problems around for us to put our collective energies toward solving.
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