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  1. what he has done makes him lower thatn pond scum ... it insults pond scum. however isn't all of this talking albeit healthly for the people at the bit exactly what he was ater in the first place attention? I'm sorry if i insult anyone by speaking this but if hes ignored will he not go away?
  2. im sorry to hear of your loss , as others have said there are no words to express, no words to make it go away.... just no words,....
  3. maybe i'll say the wrong thing maybe i wont. I don't post much i'm more of an observer. Anyhow... families fight... all families are somewhat dysfunctional. We all say things to we wish we wish we didn't. The bottom line is being friends or family is all about accpeting EACH ONE for who and what we are which is individulas. If a certain person is not liked ... let it go that tis how we all grow and change. It is a part of our life experiences that makes us each special. not sure if this makes much sense but i felt i had to say it.
  4. Could they be silverfish? http://www.goodepestcontrol.com.au/silv.htm
  5. have you tried thanking him fo rhis insults? doing something completly off the wall sometimes causes a whole new type of reaction. ?????
  6. my kids are in ottawa visiting their gramma, got a llittle scared when i heard possible terorist. releived to find out that it is not.....so far. they are fine but this is the first time they have travlled anywhere alone. wishing a safe night to all to anyone effected
  7. ive used kazaa lite and like it got lots of stuff from them. not sure if it was here or not but someone mentioned piolet. i like that too its very clean seems to be no spyware and it looks good. http://www.piolet.com/
  8. oh most defintely i do . should i run that as well?
  9. Yes they are showing up in red, prechecked. If i then rerun spybot they do not show up until i either reboot the machine or play some more on the net. thanks for replying so fast.
  10. yes i hate to say it i did but i thought that it was a way to monitor how the kids used the internet. each one of them sayss that they are not the ones going t all the innappropriate sites and i need t ofind out which one is doing it. (i have 5 kids) as for system restore it doesn't work anymore i cannot get it turned on . i have tried most of the fixes and it does not seem to work. nothing connected to gator ever shows up in the add remove
  11. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...61CVW9A6NKSTWJD hope that works
  12. I looked in the add remove and there is no gator or anything conected to gator. but everytime i run spy bot it finds those entries? I can't stand having that on my 'puter and not knowing where it came from. thanks for the help
  13. this is what it finds: Gator:dll use (1 apps) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\Shareddlls\c:\windows\downloaded pro Gator: Global settings HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Gator.com Gator: hidden identity HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT_CLSID\{21ffb6co-oda1-11da1-a9d5-00500413153c} Gator: module usage setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\currentversion\moduleusage\c:/wwindows/downloaded Gaotr: plug in log c:\windows\Gatorplugin.log thanks...
  14. Please help me. I cannot seem to get rid of gator. every time i run spybot, it seems to find gator entries in the registry. I am very careful about what gets put on the 'puter. Why does it keep comming back is there a hidden place where it lurks ready to bite my 'puter in the :filtered:? i run spybot and adaware daily(thanks for the info about the update). why does this keep happening? any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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