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  1. I have come to realize that the rated download speeds for the optimizer don't really matter. My kbps is about 1200 which should come to 1-3 mega bits per minute however I set my rated download speed to that and I only get a maximum of 50 or so kbps. So I increased my rated speed up to 3-6 and now I can get around 136 kbps and if I set it up to 10 mbps I can sometimes get a spike of up to 400 kbps. So what's going on here? ----------------------------------------- There are 2 people who died for you. Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One for your sins the other for your freedom. Never forget.
  2. I see there is a 2.0 optimizer. Am I going to have to buy a new optimizer or is it upgradable from 1.5? And if so will I have to delete my old one And why make ppl pay for a newer version when I bought the first one already?
  3. Actually i have a headset. The static is even on while there is no sound from my pc. ------------------------- If you don't stand behind our Troops.....Please feel free to stand in front of them!!
  4. I have the mic boost option on my pc for when im online and the boost helps so i can use voice activation. However i always hear this hissing static when im using it its not loud or annoying but is there anyway to get rid of it without lowering the volume?
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