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  1. I can delete all the AOL software because I don't use that anymore. Many of the old programs listed on add/remove programs have already been uninstalled, but I don't know how to get them off the list. Which hardware constriction is the most troubling? The upgrade that I need for Quickbooks requires XP, which is why I'm trying to upgrade.
  2. I am having a couple of problems and I'm not sure if they are related. First of all, I am trying to upgrade from Windows 98SE to Windows XP Pro. I have an upgrade disk and have purchased an additional license since it was already installed on another computer. When I run the system compatability test, it hangs up when it is processing system files for DVD Movie Player. I only have a CD Rom drive. Microsoft suggested I disconnect all my devices other than keyboard and mouse, disable my anti virus protection and try to install from the disk. Then it froze while"analying your computer" with 75 minutes remaining. Please look at my pitstop test results and let me know if you can see any potential problems. I have updated drivers and followed all the other recommendations other than the buffer size. About a year ago I had run a compatability test for XP and didn't come up with any problems. The other problem is with sound. I replaced my sound card yesterday. When I put a music cd into the drive, windows media player pops up and says it cannot play the file because there is a problem with my sound device. But if I go to the cd player in accessories I can play it ok. Related to this is the fact that if I go to sounds in control panel, and click on a sound, I cannot preview or hear it--I don't have any system sounds. I also cannot find my volume control. I was hoping that these sounds would be replaced with sounds from XP... Edited at 9:30 p.m. to add: I've been doing a lot of searching online today for answers. Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge about Spotmau PowerSuite-Boot CD or iYogi Tech Support?
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