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  1. I understand. Thank you! However, this, like most things I've learned about computers, only brings up more questions. How do I know what number of cores certain applications utilize?
  2. Hey there! I've been here periodically, have built 1 computer and am about to build my second. However, I must ask a question that I've been thinking on for a while now. In regards to a multi-core processor: Is a triple core processor (for example) essentially like having 3 processors of a given clock speed (in my case, 3.2 GHz), or is it more like splitting a workload between 3 people (as an analogy), thus taking only a third of the time/effort? This is something I've never been able to find out for sure.
  3. I just put this together the other day. My pride and joy. My shining example of a computer puts my fiance's crappy old Dell to shame. The fan is a 120mm Rosewill. I love it. I plan on getting 2 more- one for the side and a second for the front. After that, I'll have it maxed out at 5 fans. A nifty 140mm fan on the top. The innards. That heatsink is great. Keeps my CPU under 13 degrees C without load, under 20 C at 100% load. Just finished overclocking it to 3.0 GHz stable.
  4. I fixed the problem. While I had it out, I figured I'd pull off the jumper. It booted straight in to Windows, in like 2 second flat. I'm so glad! I thought I'd have to buy a new drive! I appreciate your help and patience, Duanester and everyone! Thanks a million!
  5. Sure. It's Western Digital, 160GB WD1600jb-55REA0.
  6. Hmm... I don't seem to have anything that says exactly that. I do, however, have (under Integrated Peripherals) Onchip IDE Channel (Enable/Disable) enabled, Onchip SATA Controller (Enable/Disable) enabled, and Onchip SATA type (Native IDE/RAID/AHCI) set to Native IDE. There's also something named Onchip SATA Port 4/5 Type, set to IDE. But the setting is locked and I can't change it. Since my mobo is Gigabyte, I used CTRL+F1 to open up additional BIOS options, but didn't find anything helpful. I have some pics of the various screens of my BIOS, if needed.
  7. Yes, my DVD drive is SATA. I just discovered that my drives are in fact not sharing an IDE channel (thanks, dyslexia). At least I don't think so- HD is on IDE 0 and CD/DVD is on IDE1. Should I try changing the HD jumper to null? I haven't tried a different IDE cable. I tossed out the ones from my old system, since my mobo came with one. I'll take the one out of my fiance's computer and try it.
  8. This is the long and short of what I was shown (not my image, my file system was NTFS): I chose to format (slow). Then I let it proceed with installing Windows.
  9. The hard drive already had Windows on it, but I was under the impression that, with a new motherboard, I'd have to format the drive and install it fresh. So I did. I'm saying, basically, that I installed Windows twice in one day. Once because of the new motherboard, and again to see if it fixed my problem. Which it did not. I'm quite familiar with how to install XP. That is one thing I don't need help with. I had a crappy retail computer for 7 years. I've lost count of how many times I've had to install/reinstall it. EDIT: Okay, apparently the POST screen is saying that my HD is
  10. It's plugged in, definitely not SATA, and windows tells me that it has a driver installed. The BIOS lists the hard drive, and is set first in the boot priority. It shows up in My Computer, and I can access the contents of the drive. I've also tried reinstalling Windows, to no avail.
  11. It's on a shared IDE channel with the cd drive, according to the POST (which takes like 5 minutes to do it's stuff ). But the cd drive is SATA. The hard drive is one I pulled from my old computer, to reduce the cost of the initial system purchase .I'm sure it's functional, because just last week I used it in my fiance's computer to retrieve files. It's jumper is in the master position. Unfortunately, I don't see any jumpers on the cd drive. The computer seems to be under the impression that I want it to boot from the cd drive. I've tried disconnecting it, but I still get the disk boot f
  12. So I get my stuff, get my new computer all put together, start it up and install XP on my hard drive. Well, the computer doesn't want to boot with my hard drive. I've made sure the boot device priority is correct. HD before CD drive. Nothing else is hooked up except the ethernet, speakers and other typical components. The hard drive was recently used, so I know it's good. All I can do to use my computer is boot from my XP cd. My HD is IDE. Could my motherboard just have a problem with that? It takes forever to go through it's startup sequence. I want to make it so that it boot
  13. Now that is a nifty (and simple) trick! The fans work beautifully, and so does the power supply! Thanks, everyone, for your help!
  14. I'd like to try to jump start it. The thing is, by the green wire, there are like 4 or 5 black wires. Does it matter which one?
  15. Oh, I don't have the motherboard yet. That gets here Wednesday.
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