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  1. Thank you Juliet, problem solved. My apology for not remembering to get back here after your response, and to afredton, but thank you too.
  2. A friend has been blocked from accessing the internet using Chrome, which is now uninstalled. She can using Mozilla. She thinks its because of a hijacked toolbar from groovorio if I have the spelling correct. Anyone dealt with removing this? She removed it from XP/Add or Remove, then restarted the pc and its still there. Searching online gives me this second option: If you continue to have problems with redirects to hxxp://www.groovorio.com, reset your Internet Explorer settings to default. Windows XP users: Click "Start", click "Run", in the opened window type "inetcpl.cpl" In
  3. brownhornet, I don't know how to place ZA in the trusted zone. It isn't there when I look up under Firewall Setting Trusted Zone or Public Zone, or wherever I'm supposed to. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Hi Guys, for several years I have been trading stocks at scottrade.com without a hitch. Suddenly it won't work unless I turn off Zone Alarm Security Suite (ZASS). I have gone through numerous older versions of java, always running the clean.exe from java after uninstalling and then downloading older versions, without working results. As I said, when I shut down my security software Zone Alarm Security Suite, the app at scottrade runs as it always has. It delivers streaming quotes of the stock market by the second. I am under the impression having come this far, that there is an exception I nee
  5. Sounds to me like someone has fired themselves up when not necessary. pcpitstop is from the day I joined, and that's been awhile, very trustworthy and reliable. I don't enjoy reading responses which are abusive and I think you need to apologize to pcpitstop. Please think this out and I am sure you'll realize they are an honest organization.
  6. Great macro tool. What about one I've been wanting for years: the ability to not only Copy & Paste, but to do multiple C&P's while collecting them for insertion into an article or email, so that each is then appended as a numerical order, one could Paste all at once and manage as they need. Even better would be to rigt-click and grab each as needed. So the basic idea would be a Multiple C&P, rather than the single C&P which upon the 2nd C&P erases the 1st.
  7. Hope this doesn't post double but I tried once & can't see it yet. It's been 15 minutes or so. My Son used the cd I copied killdisk on & ran into a problem. The Kill Button was selectable, but the Wipe Button was greyed out. So he manually killed everything. Trouble is since neither of us knew anything about wiping a HDD once the XP Home sys disc was placed in the CD drive he was informed that the drivers were missing. So it cannot be installed now? If this is the case I do have a spare HDD to give them. Then this should auto-install?
  8. Thanks law, I was referring to whether or not the screenshots we were reading are for the free version. The directions seemed odd when it asked us to burn a cd. Does this sound right? Many thanks
  9. My Son told me that this wanted him to burn a copy on CD which of course can't be done, and that got us wondering if the link you sent me is the free or paid version screenshots. I can;t seem to find a screenshot for a free vs paid. Thanks
  10. This call for help is going to be a bit sketchy as my Son is the one doing this, but he tells me that when he tried to install KillDisk it worked up to a point where it asked him to burn something, which he did but only had 1 CD & then could not go any further. Is there a reason this needs to burn anything prior to wiping the HDD? Perhaps this is the limitation to a free product? Or did my Son misunderstand the command sequence? Thanks
  11. Thank you. I had this vision that it would take more & would receive a blank stare. Appreciate the quick response.
  12. So a final question to all. Once the HDD is wiped, and I still don't know which application I amusing, how would one start it up to install the XP program again? I am assuming nothing is on the disc? How would it start up? Thanks
  13. When we first started attempting the MBAM we reasoned that it might be MaAfee that was preventing it so we uninstalled as we thought 'what could be the har?' after all it was expired. Too bad. We will though tomorrow try the HostsXpert you have recommended & follow with MBAM if it works. But in case all of the elements did not uninstall on McAfee we'll take a second look just for the fun of it.
  14. Good thought except her security suite ran out about a month ago & she failed to get the free stuff. Now of course evertying we've tried won't allow a finished download. We did try a restore but even in safe mode we can only go back 4 months & nothing changes. We can look at this once more though if you feel it is worth the effort. Though as I say we have tried. I will ask my Son to delete all temp files first though. This means she will lose all of her photos, music etc, as she does not go through the trouble to backup either on external or via CD/DVD. But maybe this is the what i
  15. Many thanks, we will surely try this in IE but perhaps not till tomorrow as I don't want to disturb them today. So unless my Son calls I'll hold off, but thank you kindly. And we'll keep our fingers crossed.
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