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  1. i personally use AVG(or kaspersky when my brother gives me free copies) and MBAM. Between those two, my windows machines stay about as clean as any windows machine can be lol
  2. ya don't go throwing it in the freezer before you check the enclosure. Likely, plugging in the wrong adapter could have friend the Circuitry on the Enclosure, but there is probably some protection between that and the drive. Only way to know is by unscrewing the enclosure, removing the drive(be careful of static) and plug it in a computer. Try that out, report back
  3. i just have had my troubles with the law, and i am still on paper. I cannot be trying to decieve or cheat to the system... :They dont have a emoticon for lep getting hauled to jail, but if there was it would go here:
  4. hmm, with my past court history, ill pay my fines and take whats comin, not going to risk anything
  5. yea when i was new here he was the guy to ask. We could all probably dig up numerous threads he has helped us in. Wherever ya are, best of luck to ya, dont be a stranger!
  6. i would start with a bigger, single drive for now. Something like the 640GB WD Black, those things are pretty dang fast. POwer supply is junk, go with something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817341010 not the best psu, but better than a "coolmax"
  7. i would have rather seen the cardinals win it, the underdogs... my bears were no where close, they are chilling in mansions waiting until this fall to ruin my sundays again!
  8. glad to see us getting some new members. My ppd is down right now, but im folding gpu for RAH for awhile. It all goes to the team so no real big loss. Ill keep on putting rigs up as i can,
  9. well my current motherboard is a Gigabyte, and let me tell you i will NEVER EVER OWN ANOTHER!!!! Since then, i have found Asrock, a little division of asus, who makes incredible boards(for budget boards). I have only had one support issue, and it was my own fault(psu problem) which their tech support helped me through in almost no time. Since then, i have bought 12 of the same Asrock board, solid, cheap, reliable and actually oc's very well. It was half the cost of my gigabyte, and OC's better and never has anymore issues
  10. as i know it, the cpu will work, but you will limit the HT and several of the features of the phenom, i wouldnt say crippling it, but handicapping it. So it will work, but it may be worth it to go with a cheap AM2+ compatable mobo
  11. hmm, that seems like it will be as much or more work than taking the drive to my moms. Now im thinking about using ICS(internet connection sharing) and figuring a way to pass my wireless connection through a crossover to the other machines, is that possible?
  12. Well at my appt, i am using a parabolic antenna to reach a far away access point. In the last 5 days, ive had to reformat 3 computers and drag them over to my moms to get a wired connection. to them. So is there anyway that i can just download all of the latest updates and burn em on a disc to run manually on these computers. I have the "xp sp3" disc which includes all of them up to that point, but i would like to make one with the more current updates, and WMP11 and .net 2.0 as well. Any idea
  13. WEll, my gpu just quit folding. I kept getting the EUE limit exceeded and unstable machine the unstable thing is a lie to fix, uninstall old gpu2 client.... then delete the folding app data thing C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\[email protected] then just redownload, the the same thing, reinstall and you will be up and folding again im back on track now, gpu is pumping 4700ppd i also got 3 of my amd x2's going last night, two 2.8ghz and one 3ghz. I ACTUALLY got them upgrade to the new one, and got the service install... felt so happy after trying to screw with the other rigs... so theres 3k ppd, plus the 2k i added a few days ago, so be on the lookout for lots more points coming to the team!!!
  14. build it yourself!!! We can put you a list together with a much better system for 1200 dollars, and you will be able to build it easy
  15. DIESEL!!!!!!! big 4x4 with full cab http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cars-Trucks...p3756.m14.l1318 found that in 2 minutes, but look around, my parents have a huge full cab with 6ft bed 4x4 chevy diesel that gets 20-23 highway, 12-14 city with the modded electronics my stepdad put in it.
  16. well the issue with playing full screen video is only with folding running, the dvd issue is always since i installed the cuda drivers, maybe i just need to wait for newer drivers
  17. Ok, well i run gpu2 on my 8800gt a couple hours a day, when im just browsing the web and such... Before i installed the 177.35 Cuda drivers(had to use a modded file for 8800gt if i remember right) and now i cant play dvd's anymore, and i cant play full screen video when i am folding!! So if i want to put on some seinfeld or family guy, i have to stop folding. I used to be able to play dvds in WMP using k lite codec pack, ever since i got the 177.35 drivers i cant play them in WMP, it says there is a problem with content protection and my video card.... so, what can i do to keep folding and get these glitches taken care of?
  18. congrats man. im only 46,900 points behind, ill get there this month too WTH team
  19. damn i guess my impression of stoicness was off, my bad. either way i feel goooooood
  20. Man, I am feeling stoic as hell today. I built a computer for our Country Club, which i am getting paid 150$ for tommorow. My girlfriend is about to be home, and i am roasting some fresh asparagus from the garden, throw a little parmasan cheese on it, and it will be the bomb. I had a very stressful, long day, but now i am about to have dinner with the love of my life and watch some seinfeld. Does anyone else just sit back and love life ever? I love every day of my freedom(for those who dont know i was incarcerated for over 8 months in prison/jail/ and bootcamp. I have this overwhelming feeling of happiness. This time last year i was in the worst place in the world( DIXON SPRINGS IIP, look it up) and now i am back to what i do best, being a stoic dude and treating my girl with a great dinner. So i am going to drink my last 3 beers, and sit here and thank god for my freedom and for my beautiful girl. Thats it everybody, let me know how your day was, and how you feel now. Venting... done
  21. what is device manager showing. I would reinstall your drivers for the card
  22. yea i have the bluetooth but no wii remote, the pen will be easy to build
  23. jeez, no comments. I thought his stuff was pretty interesting, i think making a whiteboard of one of my monitors could be cool
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