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  1. well you could always call the bomb squad first... Just kidding. If it was a legit type of computer repair(you should have talked on the PHONE so you could tell if they were on BS) then i wouldn't be too worried. The money thing seems kinda weird though. If he is paying you 250 now, why Western Union 500? As long as the money order pays, i would send him a CHECK for 250 but date it in like two weeks, and you can void it or get it from him when the computers are done
  2. i personally use AVG(or kaspersky when my brother gives me free copies) and MBAM. Between those two, my windows machines stay about as clean as any windows machine can be lol
  3. ya don't go throwing it in the freezer before you check the enclosure. Likely, plugging in the wrong adapter could have friend the Circuitry on the Enclosure, but there is probably some protection between that and the drive. Only way to know is by unscrewing the enclosure, removing the drive(be careful of static) and plug it in a computer. Try that out, report back
  4. i just have had my troubles with the law, and i am still on paper. I cannot be trying to decieve or cheat to the system... :They dont have a emoticon for lep getting hauled to jail, but if there was it would go here:
  5. hmm, with my past court history, ill pay my fines and take whats comin, not going to risk anything
  6. yea when i was new here he was the guy to ask. We could all probably dig up numerous threads he has helped us in. Wherever ya are, best of luck to ya, dont be a stranger!
  7. i would start with a bigger, single drive for now. Something like the 640GB WD Black, those things are pretty dang fast. POwer supply is junk, go with something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817341010 not the best psu, but better than a "coolmax"
  8. i would have rather seen the cardinals win it, the underdogs... my bears were no where close, they are chilling in mansions waiting until this fall to ruin my sundays again!
  9. well here is a list of wireless camera's on newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....IEEE802.11b%2fg thats a start. Do you have a wireless router in your home? Your pc could be plugged into the router(via ethernet) and the camera can act wirelessly and stream this data to your computer. I am not familiar with the software aps these cameras come with. The more expensive ones offer things such as night vision...
  10. glad to see us getting some new members. My ppd is down right now, but im folding gpu for RAH for awhile. It all goes to the team so no real big loss. Ill keep on putting rigs up as i can,
  11. well my current motherboard is a Gigabyte, and let me tell you i will NEVER EVER OWN ANOTHER!!!! Since then, i have found Asrock, a little division of asus, who makes incredible boards(for budget boards). I have only had one support issue, and it was my own fault(psu problem) which their tech support helped me through in almost no time. Since then, i have bought 12 of the same Asrock board, solid, cheap, reliable and actually oc's very well. It was half the cost of my gigabyte, and OC's better and never has anymore issues
  12. http://www2.letstalk.com/cell-phones/shop....rviceCorpId=660 theres the verizon ones. If you order through letstalk.com(ive used them and they were great!) you get a FREE XBOX 360 with a contract, decent deal i would say
  13. im pretty sure its 40 or 50 a month, im sure a person at a AT&T store can help you correction, ATT is 60 a month, verizon may be cheaper ill check
  14. i believe he is talking about the air cards from cell providers. I have worked on a customers computer with a verizon one, worked great, dont have to worry about hotspots you're looking at 40-50$ a month, and its from your cell providers ,earthlink cant help ya
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