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  1. come to think of it, i am always removing plugging in my usb stick, maybe that did have something to do with it. I will keep an eye on the disk, ill probably have time to download the progam and boot into windows later. I have UBCD and Spinrite, i suppose i could give those a try as well. I am assuming a few bad sectors is not enough reason to RMA the drive
  2. well i havent been in windows in months, and last time i was, there was no internet and i was flashing dd-wrt to a asus router quickly, so i doubt that is the issue. Looking into the disk itself The disk utility shows some bad sectors!! it says not critical yet, but should i get a new drive rma'd?
  3. Thank you so much, it works again!!!! I guess i should have listened to you the first time you said sda. Lol thanks for the help, any idea what could have caused a problem like this randomly
  4. well i guess i should have know there is only one spot for the mbr, right? so i executed which returned no errors, but i still have the same error message upon boot!!!! So i think i need to do the "no floppy" option in my boot or something, i am really confused here. Thank god for this cd so i can actually boot into my system though
  5. so for me it would be sdc, or sdc6 that i do the command for? How do i know which drive to sned grub to, linux or windows parition thats where i am confused
  6. I am searching online further http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1528371&page=2 They are installing and using "lilo" to a partition, there is lots of warnings, which scares me but whatever. That will make it so only windows boots, but do i install it to the windows or linux partition? Both are on SDC drive i believe, my data and other drives are sda and sdb i guess? Sorry for being so ignorant... i feel like i have the info i need, i just need to know how to apply it to my system. This is a strange issue. Shut it down when i left for work like i always do, then i
  7. Well i succesfully did what you said, but it just allows me to boot to the os, it didnt fix anything. Now I can boot into my ubuntu 10.04 installation fine... but i dont know what the actual fix would be. This link more accurately describes my situation http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1510206 but i still don't know exactly what to do to make this thing boot without the cd. And no i have not yet edited any files, i dont want to do it wrong so i would like a little advise on what exactly i am supposed to do. I see it there, but i dont really know what to do honestly...
  8. Just burnt the disc from work, will be heading home to try and fix it after this. Is there anything I should know? Is it all automatic? I hope i don't screw up anything on my other hard drives, my Tb is fairly full of my data, same as my other drives!!!
  9. Hey guys, My computer now wont boot. I didnt make any changes or do anything that i know of. It stops before i ever get a chance to pick my OS, I cant get into Windows or Linux or anything. I have succesfully booted from the live cd and am posting. http://credentiality2.blogspot.com/2010/04/ubuntu-karmic-grub-error-no-such-device.html I see they have the same problem, but i cant actually boot into my installation by using the e method. I am looking for a little advice, i dont want to go editing my Grub file when i dont know what i am doing, but here is what i have done
  10. Good luck, after seeing dozens of hp dv2000/3000 and 5000 models dying due to faulty motherboards, i won't touch a hp notebook! As i type from my little hp mini, which is actually ok but i would be very careful with their lappys, and this netbook was fre
  11. The smb.conf was the last straw. For some reason i was also having problems with the window manager disappearing(all window buttons like close downsize etc disappeared). Also, playing around in the ATI control panel i screwed up my dual monitor setup, which is now working again!!!! So now i have the problem of reinstalling once again, because my dumb had sata mode set to ide, which fubared the grub menu until i switched to ahci, which now works but my windows 7 wont boot so i may redo it one time, and this time it will be right. Each time i am getting a little bit more comfortable, bu
  12. Ok guys, well after sticking my head in the ground for a few hours after being frustrated, i got it working. I had to reinstall ubuntu on the secondary machine, which fixed my smb.conf and allowed me to access my shares!!!!! I ended up downloading the graphical samba thing, and enabling the shares through there... now i have got it working to access the files from anyone in house!
  13. It did not work, i cannot share the drive, when i try to, it gives me this error So i did what it said, and added that to my smb.conf, and this is what it looks like m
  14. So i should first set up all my machines with a static IP. I think i can manage that, i will set the IP's and give it a go. Thanks
  15. Ok guys, I am finally getting my computers all up and running properly. I would like to set up a File sharing network in my home. I already have all the networking eqpt, and everything is online through the same router. I have a few computers 2 desktops and 1 netbook. The desktops both use windows 7 and ubuntu, with ubuntu as the everyday os now! Anyhow, i still work on windows computers so i am keeping both partitions and dual boot's active in case i need in. I have roughly 1tb of media on my Main Desktop that i would like to share. A couple hundred movies, and all the simp
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