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  1. but u cant drive lets see u take that thing in the snow here, ud be beggin for a ride in my suv
  2. well if u aint gaming that pc is still fine. you could see if these need to be running i would think you should hold onto that for a while and get save money for a newer one, that thing should last you a while
  3. what kinda computer you got folding? If u have excess backround programs it will slow folding down some. If u got any computers running over 500mhz u can use em, it still helps your points too
  4. right now whats the cheapest, fastest folders to build. I was thinking any of the mobile chips on a nf7 @ like 2500 mhz? I need to build another desktop for my parents, it will fold 24/7, i just want the most wu's for my money, they just use email and web and their palms and stuff.
  5. ive been runnin avg for a year on 3 systems, only viri's i got was from kazaa, and avg tells me before i even open them
  6. welcome to the team, your help is much appreciated, we need to stay competetive
  7. http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/tea....php?s=&t=32035 thats our team summary. We need more folders, were losing points slowly to theseother teams, the pit has a ton of processing power thats not folding
  8. you arent missing a single thing, its just a port of vice city put on pc, dont waste ur money if u own the game on ps2, its better on there anyway
  9. http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/use....php?s=&u=38936 thats me, ive got a celeron lappy 1.8 @ 100%, a p4 [email protected] 100%, a xp2500-m @ 2500 folding @ 100% all of them fold 24/7. Im buildin my parents a new system and it will prolly be xp2400-m @ 2300-2400 all day(they need silent and i need points folding, that addition will really help my points. I think we should get another recruiting thread started in gd and u2u. Us folders are here helpin all these people, lets try and get some help back!
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