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  1. oh srry, i didnt notice that, but I just now read it, I think I'm gonna do that. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  2. idk as of now.my friend's dad still has it. he's working w/ it. he said he got it on for a little bit, and tried to copy stuff but it didn't stay on long enough, but he still has stuff to try.
  3. I've heard about that before somewhere, but idk how trust worthy that is.How much time would I have you think?
  4. yea, I'm pretty sure its dead.my friends dad came over to look at it and he couldnt figure it out. so he took it to see if he can plug it up through USB and save the files. he said he thinks its toast, but he still has a few more things to try. idk how it could have died, i didn't miss treat it or anything. its only like a year and a half old.
  5. alright, thanx for all your help.I'm gonna try and take my computer to my friend's dad tomorrow. if anyone can help, its him.
  6. sorry, thats not really what i meant.but anyways, i can't dumped the files even if i wanted to. my whole problem is that it just wont detect the drive. not even the windows setup disk can find it. also, i really really cant lose my files
  7. well... i dont think my hard drive is spinning any more. i cant here a thing from it. when i turn on my computer the bottom side's right get really really hot, like burning hot. ...is... is my drive dead...?
  8. i installed the floppy drive again, and it is recognizing it, and it has been added to the boot sequence.
  9. nope, nothing there.all of that is in my users manual, and i've already looked through it
  10. i've already disabled the floppy.i've tried it abled too. nothing =/
  11. hmm... well the only other advice i can give is to use the vundofix program here's the link:http://www.atribune.org/content/view/24/2/ run it and click "search for vundo" once its done (if it find anything, I'm betting it will) click "remove vundo" your computer will automatically restart, which is normal. after that run AVG and spyware scans. then run a disk clean-up, then defragment. this may or may not fix your problem, but it will in turn make your computer run faster. let me know if it works
  12. no, one they are different sizes, and therefor wouldn't plug into eachother.and two, I took out my floppy drive, i dont want it, i have no need for it, so i removed it along w/ the cables.
  13. omg, wow I feel really stupid. i didnt realize that that "SETUP" was BIOS SETUP.alright.. yea i can get into that, i've been in it alot trying to figure things out. and thats what I mean for my boot sequence. when i look in it, only the CD ROM Drive is listed, the flopply and hard drives are not appearing any more.
  14. yea, the delete key didnt work.i'll search for the Dell one too, but plz tell me if and when you find it
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