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  1. @Wademan, It was a pleasure Wademan. Did'nt expect you would be here that soon. I guess you are all set up now. Take care. @Everyone, Thanks everyone for welcoming me here too. I am currently overwhelmed with offline work these days and I will not be back online until next week. By then, I will be found at Castlecops. The lack of free time keeps me limited to one forum. My apologies. Please take good care of Wademan and make sure that he does what the docs tell him. Abu Ibrahim
  2. I would also like to mention that Wademan recieved a large amount of pm's and emails in the past 8 month. It will take him some time to respond to each one of them. Please be patient especially that he is currently on painkillers. @JackeL @mouse @Jacee @mme @wholo @Andrew S. @Juliet @IntelGuy @Y kawika You are most Welcome! @SL10 I will certainly pass the message. @caintry_boy Thank you. You were not alone with these thoughts.
  3. My name is AbuIbrahim and I am one of the Castlecops staff members. I have been in contact with one of the PcpitStop staff member named Wademan. Wademan has been in hospital for a couple of months because of stomach cancer. He also suffered from a diabetic coma for some time. Due to his conditions he wasnt able to get in touch with people online. Just recently, Wademan had his final operation removing the last of his tumors and I am pleased to announce that Wademan will be back very soon to the Pcpitstop forums. He mentioned to me that he has certainly missed everyone here in Pcpitstop.
  4. Please check this thread: http://groups.google.com/group/microsoft.p...a0b3a8338963ae8 Post#2 provides several solutions to the problem. See which one applies to your case.
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