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  1. Didn't work Nigsy. I have Vista and wasn't able to select "network controllers" without "connecting" which I cannot do. So I will wait for the new ethernet card, hopefully no issues arise.
  2. Well, I checked as you suggested and Yes, there was a small yellow triangle on the "6T04 Adapter" and once chosen it said "This device cannot start (Code 10)" So, should I go ahead and order a new PCI ethernet port? Thanks a bunch for you help Nigsy!
  3. Okay, I went to the location: IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and then went to ATA channels and Standard duel channel PCI IDE controllers and all of them stated "This device is working properly" Did I go to the right place? The thing is, anytime I try to connect to the internet it says that no connection can be found. Very frustrating indeed
  4. Haha Touche'! I have not checked my device manager, GREAT idea that I did not think of. I will do that now! The only light on back is that of the power source and that is on. I have a desktop. The O/S is Windows PCI card, thank you. That is the term lingo I was looking for..... hopefully I do not have to get one.
  5. Hello all... My computer all of a sudden will not connect to the internet, but I noticed that my wife's will with no problem and we both use the same connection on a hub. I bought a new ethernet cable and that wasn't it, so I called my internet provider for tech support and it came down to the (fact?) that my ethernet connection is at fault and I was advised that if my ethernet port is attached to the motherboard, then I will most likely have to get a new motherboard.... OR I get get an "external ethernet" connection? Is that the proper name and where would I find one and what d
  6. Thank you for the direction, I will givie it a shot! Much thanks you guys!
  7. I apologize for my ignorance......how do I make that switch/setting. Do I have to go back in and change which plugs are plugged into what?
  8. *Heavy Sigh* I wish I knew about this difference BEFORE I ordered the Hard Drive! Ah well, nobody's fault but my own. I have THIS kind of plug: ....and THIS kind of Hard Drive: I am hoping that NewEgg.com will let me exchange it.... On a side note..... I installed the DVD-writer easily.....but I don't see it on the My Computer start screen.... and I tried to go to the bios screen but i don't know how to make it recognized. What do I do?
  9. Hello all... While I have installed a couple of things on a couple computers, these are my first as far as a new Hard Drive and DVD burner. Hard Drive: Western Digital 160 GB DVD Burner: Samsung Model SH-s202 I purchased these from NewEgg.com and I was kinda surprised that they didn't come with some sort of manual or installation instructions? Any help is greatly appreciated. -Clay-
  10. How dod I do that? Where is the outbox?
  11. Last try, can anybody help with this? Please read the first post as to what files I need help reading. ....and please, keep it to TECHNICAL help, not parenting advice. Thank you!
  12. Bruce, while I respect your OPINION, I asked plainly in my first post for TECHNICAL help, not parenting assistance. Just for the record, it is illegal to chain a childs door shut. Please, keep the thread on topic and just assist with the question at hand, not opinions on how one should raise or punish their child. Thank you.
  13. Good question! I meant to specify that in my first post. It is my computer, her has already been taken away as punishment. I know that seems silly to take hers away and then her use mine, but it was to keep a better eye on what she is using it for...... which brings the question at hand
  14. First off, the rteason I'm asking: Recently my teenage daughter has been acting out, sneaking out at night, hanging out with gang member types and being openly defiant with her Mother and I. Now, I know that almost all teenagers do this and it is just a "coming of age" sort of thing..... but I still would like to keep tabs on her as best I can for her safety. I'm sure most of you can understand that. While she is quick to shut us down on any info about her friends, their names, their locations.....she readily talks to them on the various messengers on the computer right in front of
  15. Nope didn't work. I am beginning to give up and may just re-sell the thing on e-bay. Any takers?
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