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  1. it says that there is no cd in drive or cant format cd or just plain and simple sit there looking for a cd or dvd whatever it may be. this in nero latest version. so yeah it wont burn cd/dvd whatever it may be.
  2. i have tried this link and after installing the program it says file not found. any suggestions. in windows it says this device is working properly. si it is there just the link u provided seems to be for another dvd burner type. please anything u can come up with will be greatly appreciated. thank u.
  3. I did buy the computer new and yes it has worked. I have over 50 dvd's worth of proof. it just stopped burning. it can read though. the burner is _nec nd 5100A.
  4. i have a problem with my burner it is a _NEC ND 5100A burner and it will not burn anything including cd's or dvd's. My laptop is a Compaq Presario 2100. I bought it in London and i am now back in Australia. Can you help me fix this problem. I do not have much experience flashing firmware but I can follow directions to the letter. the cpu is Amd.
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