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  1. Sorry to hear you have had a bad experience. I have always put 100% into my calls and I can almost always fix the problem that I am presented with and formatting system is last resort for me as well as sales I am a terrible seller I dont believe in selling a solution. All the support for gateway will be in a new center now one of the centers that we always fix the problems for. And if you are looking for chat with a tech good luck they are in Manila and dont speak english I pray for Gateway because the only good center they had they messed up with. Money is the root of all evil and I am looking forward to having someone else pay my bills.
  2. I dont know what State pays $12 and hour min wage with full health and dental but if you say so. I probably could be doing better with my experience but living in a small town there are no large industries based here but it is my hometown so I have no intention on leaving if I dont have too. Thanks for your input though.
  3. so called techs ya sure we dont use a script there is an opening script we use to introduce the tech and get cust info and to make sure the account is properly verified for the cust protection and I find it offensive after years of college and years experience building computers that you deny me the right to call myself a tech. The point of my comment that people should think before actions are taken there is more than one person involved. I hope you call in for tech advise I would advise you to wrap your memory chips with tin foil and turn your system on. Please have a fire extinguisher nearby
  4. I agree that she was short with the customer and shouldnt have all the techs at the center arent like that and we do deal with a lot of harse customers. Calls are monitored mainly by the center we work for to assure cust quality and unfortunately it can fail after repeated calls to the wrong support number people asking questions that we arent there to answer a computer tech is there to troubleshoot original hardware and software we cant go through configuration or how to burn a DVD that is out of scope and if you worked for Gateway you should know that or any other company for that matter. Well you proved your point did you also realize now Gateway has decided to not renew our contract and you have put a couple hundred techs out of work I was there 3 years what will I do now ... not sure looking to sell off everything I own and reloacating to a city that has more work Great job thanks
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