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  1. So, it seems that users in the USA, New Zealand & the UK were all hit around the same time. Here's an article that is a 'must read' for everyone affected by Yahoo's failure: http://www.iitp.org.nz/newsletter/article/414. It even mentions how the dirty deed was done and how much the hacker (yes, badbinary - hacker) was paid. badbinary - will you now concede that you were wrong. This Yahoo debacle was NOT the fault of users - it was Yahoo's.
  2. In my post of the 12th March I referred to a "much respected name in computing". It was in fact Bill Pytlovany who made those comments when he replied to my emails to him. He's since linked me to this article of his: http://billpstudios.blogspot.com/2013/02/banking-system-fails-due-to-security.html It's well worth reading in my humble opinion - there's some very sound advice there for your 'average man in the street' PC user.
  3. I can't speak for others but when I used the word hacking, I was referring to the nasties who've gotten into Yahoo's mail server and helped themselves to log-ons and passwords. That's 'hacking' in my book, unless of course it was an inside job.
  4. I'll try to be polite, badbinary. You said "lol...i don't think you understand." First of all, it's not a laughing matter, Secondly, I probably don't understand as I'm not an expert - with a name like yours, you really must be an expert. So help me understand. The thread to which I pointed you makes it very clear that these bl**dy hackers haven't hacked into individuals' PCs - they've got into Yahoo's server or wherever else the account details are kept. A much respected name in the PC world has said "Unfortunately this is far too common with providers of web based Email. And some
  5. sorry badbinary but you appear to be wrong. Take a look at this thread: http://community.bt.com/t5/Other-BB-Queries/BT-email-accounts-hacked/td-p/796762. I think it's on page 25 that there's a report that Yahoo got hacked into in New Zealand a couple of years ago.
  6. Hello IntelGuy. I changed the PC names in My Computer/Properties then Control/F5'd and finally rescanned. The old names were still there so I went back to the first process you mentioned, deleting a PC from the other PCs PCMatic screen. That's brought up a message that "You may only remove a computer from your license if it has not been fixed by PCMatic in the past 60 days. This computer was fixed 1 day ago.
  7. Hi IntelGuy. PCMatic main screen on my XP just shows the XP Compaq but on my Win7 Presario, although it says only 1 PC is licensed, it was still showing both PCs after I F5'd my Win7. (I have a Screen print if you need it but am struggling to find how to send it.) I scanned the Presario but the entire way through it showed the Dad2 name at the top. At the end of the scan a questionnaire appeared which I completed and then it cleaned the PC. There was no option to put a name. I restarted but it still the same. Both PCs are now showing on PCMatic on both PCs.
  8. Oh dear. Just made the time to do this and it's not worked. I first went to my Win7/IE9 laptop - it took four attempts to delete my XP/IE8 desktop. When I went to that, the old name was there - all that I had lost was the questionnaire we fill in when we start with PCMatic. I rescanned but couldn't change the name. I then attempted to delete the laptop - six times - failed. Rather then start a ticket, it is safe to uninstall & reinstall?
  9. Hi. I have a laptop and a desktop on PC Matic. Can I change the names of the unit? If so how, please?
  10. thanks for that, caintry_boy. Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks Y Kawika. Not only have I done what you suggested but I have uninstalled Java having read in Ask Leo the latest vulnerability warning about Java: http://ask-leo.com/s...=K429IRa4eZdfbL. I wish that I'd have uninstalled it using Revo not via Control Panel as suggested as doing it that way left some folders. I'll now have to check the registry too! But the good news is that when I clicked on the link in the auto-email from PCP about your reply, it took me straight here rather than to URL4SHORT. Do let us know how you get on - presumably as this divert is an industry-wide problem,
  12. I've just searched the net. There are loads of very recent threads about diverts to URL4SHORT e.g. http://www.lavasofts...e7461-redirect/ I'm on my XP desktop at the moment caintry_boy but I think it's clear now that the problem is not just me! Worth googling URL4SHORT to see all the similar complaints. Cheers. Goota go out in the snow & ice now.
  13. Hello Y Kawika. I haven't got a Java folder in my Control Panel! I'm sure that I've seen one there before. "Add/Remove programs" shows Java7 update 10 and J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 7. A search returns 42 files. I should mention that the divert to URL4SHORT has occurred on both my laptop and desktop. Please advise what I should do next. Thanks.
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