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  1. i dont know iits been posted (to lazy to read all of this) i belive it was on toms hardwars, they had a P4 OCed to 10Ghz, was cooled by liquid nitrogen and a jian copper pipe that the nitrogen was poured into, so ya id say its possible Edit quick google http://www.engadget.com/2007/05/30/oc-team...-p4-to-8-18ghz/ still looking for my 10ghz
  2. ya guilty as charged and does anyone have a conframation on this, cause this is the best news iv heard in a long time
  3. to be on topic, yay newegg is coming to canada, and now to get off topic and oppionated........................... What is with all the hateing on canda >.> i happen to be canadian and all this only reafirms my oppinion on the majotrity of US residents, that they are well, how to putt it nicely.......um........uninformed......... rember our QOL is better than yours lol people only hate on things that are bad, or better than yours. if you dont know what QOL stands for go back to school >.> no dissrespect intended
  4. couldnt beguin to tell you cause iv never used em, but if i was you i would try heating the bendy tube things (like over the computers exaust for like 20 min) heat makes stuff expand, so theroreticaly a cold tube should slide in easier. Maby also try making it all perfectly strait, other than that i dont really know.
  5. lol i understood what you ment, most people probably would, its was just funny wording
  6. how does something smell hot >.> im an electrican and yes the smell of an electrical burn is verry distinctive since an arc which is what causees them to burn and die, is something like 10,000 Celcious, will melt hardened steal instantly, lol so it leaves a verry distinctive and lingering smell.
  7. Yes the 360 is powered by 3 IBM micro processors at 3.2 GHz, the arketecture is closer to a P4 in speed, but a C2D in cooling efecinecy thats why it was chosen and why there is 3, a single Core 2 duo at 2Ghz shoud preform about the same, probably a little better.
  8. no idea lol, iv been trying to fraps myself beating through fire and flames on the harder nija + iron mode in audio surf for a few weeks, lol at the same point in every run my computer dies (4.1 gb of video >.<) the only thing i can sujest is to lower the resolution, crank the AA up and lower the frame capture like down at the minimum before jumps are notisable, 29.2 or something i think.
  9. Fraps bufferes all videos through your ram (eg at 1gb file size 1gb of ram is beeing used), and anyfile over 15 or so GB will usualy crash fraps to fraps anything when the image quality is high causes intense lag after a few minuts. so in short yes its your resolution, at that large a resolution the file size is gona go uop verry fast and thats whats causing the problem
  10. Mines so cluttered lol o well, its mine and im proud of it
  11. something seems fishy, thats double the upload my dad should be getting from rogers and like 8 times the download ? lol the sydney was closest to correct
  12. I dont think its the processor, i have a few friends running P4 at lower clocks loading faster. I think the problem is the ram. Yes you have 1 gig but your usin vista whitch is mem w#$%^, for example my HD is partitioned for both XP and vista, my XP uses 160mb of mem, vista eats 640mb, you really need atleast 750mb-1gig of mem dedicated to the game, the fact your using vista which requires more ram is most likley the major problem. at a lower clock i may point my finger at the P4, but at 3 Gighz with Hyperthreading it should not cause to much trouble. Try closing all non esential p
  13. My BFG 8800 GTX OC2 eddition can play the Crysis beta at 1680 x 1050, Max settings, 4xAA (although at that res isnt needed) and max max AF with an avrage framerate of 78 (min 40, max 104), you dont need a new card they just want your money. So dont worry (the BFG CO2 is closcked a little above the ULTRA and its $120 less here in toronto) and it plays it fine.
  14. I ask because there was a moose in our nebours back yard the other day and my dad got a picture of it, but it was atleast 100m away (max zoom 8MP) and it was raining so you can hardly see the moose, and i always see thoes shows like CSI where they just click a button and a blury image is clear (and i know thats unrealistic) but is there any thing out there that could help. if you need me to i can post the picture.
  15. well i got 3 sujestions, all three are from friends the cheapest http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=375015 a frend has this, and says its good the middle http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=370884 he uses this to cool his quad at 3.2ghz and the bank buster (who the richest of us 4 has lol) http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=373511 his quad is OCed to 3.8Ghz , the things a beast but requires a little extra saving for. me im still using air, OCed to 2.7Ghz right know and ideling at 26 so im happy
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