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  1. "Spybot 1.3 Beta 6" http://www.majorgeeks.com/download2471.html
  2. A new referencefile (01R260 23.02.2004) is now available. Here is a breakdown explaining what is included: New Items -------------------------------------------------------- Win32.Backdoor.Goweh.D Win32.LolaWeb.Trojan Updated Items -------------------------------------------------------- BrowserAid Coulomb Dialer Dialer (PayDial) IELoader Locators.com Toolbar Lop.com Rads01.Quadrogram (4 variants) TIB Browser WebDialer (2 variants) WinlogonEXE (2 variants) Winpup32 (2 variants) After updating, the detail-screen shows the following information:
  3. There is no website configured at this address.
  4. Windows XP Click on the Start menu, and select Control Panel. Double click on Network Connections. Double click on Local Area Connection. Click on the Support tab and then click on the Details button. The Hardware Address is labelled Physical Address.
  5. Common User Issues/Missing Files: Does SpywareBlaster not run, and report that a file named "msvbvm60.dll" is missing? If so, downloading the following MS run-time installer will install the missing file and allow you to use SpywareBlaster without any problems: http://download.microsoft.com/download/vb6.../vbrun60sp5.exe Do you get an error that "MSCOMCTL.OCX" cannot be found? If so, use the following installer to copy the file to your system: MSCOMCTL Installer, Look at the Bottom of the SpywareBlaster HomePage: http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html
  6. Hi Kim,PM Ax or Dave and they'll give you all the details. The SpywareGuard Link Is working for me. Poxy NTL Proxies I'll Bet....
  7. http://www.wilderssecurity.net/spywareguard.html
  8. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=282599
  9. SpywareBlaster Update Database Info Items: 1182
  10. http://www.mvps.org/marksxp/WindowsXP/debug.php
  11. The Ink Hadn't Dried, Jasmine...
  12. After your Tweak Check at DSL. Check the Netgear Site for an Updated Firmware Revision for your Router.
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