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    1.)dell dim 2400 1.5gb ram 80gbhd winXP HE cdrw dvdrw. 2.)sony viao pcg-grt160 1gb ram 60gbhd winxp pro dvd/cd-rw nvidia geforce4 420.
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  1. i have recently decided to build my own computer and upon booting it up a couple nights ago my windows said i need to activate it. so i tried it and it didn't work it said the product key was wrong. this doesn't make any sense because it came out of a working computer and was legit. i used the hd from the old computer and i already sold the old computer that had the cert. of auth. my question i want to go vista 64 bit i know my mb and cpu are capible of but i heard if you install vista it will save all files in an old files folder somewhere. is there any truth to this? thanks in advance.
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