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    Intel Pentium dual Core 3.0 ghz 1 500 gig hd 2 80's Raid 0 Geforce 8800gtx Pioneer dvdrw Yamaha 24x cdrw 4gb ram
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  1. Hi all, I just got a new Acer 7720 and had a question. The laptop is running Windows Vista Home Premium and has a built in IR port. I have a ATI tv remote that the USB receiver broke for, is there any way I can use the remote to control Mediacenter on my laptop?
  2. Anyone have any comments on this system? The only game I will probably be running on it is the new World of Warcraft thats coming out. I had an old Dell inspiron 9600 that ran it just fine but i figured it was time to upgrade. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...AIN#detailspecs Thanks!
  3. Just found a link on what i was talking about. http://www.extremeoverclocking.com/reviews...TWRK_UPS_6.html I guessing it would be ok for those short flashes of no power, by no means am i going to sit there and watch a movie while its on batter. Guess i answered my own question I just wanna find out how good the converter is on this backup.
  4. Yeah thats what i dont understand I have a Back-UPS NS 1250 LCD i believe its a 750 watt battery backup. When the projector is plugged in it only uses about 25% of the total capacity. I was just reading about the way the power is generated (like sine wave is supposed to be almost like the power thats coming into your house) I just didnt want to do more damage to it by plugging it into the backup.
  5. Is it ok to plug a projector into a battery backup? Where I live the power goes out quite often and I really hate when the projector is on the power goes out and it doesnt have time to cool. I had it plugged into the battery backup for a test and when i cut the power to the batter the projector stayed on but was making a weird humming noise. I was wondering if this was ok or not. Im guessing it is because anything is better then the power going out to it while its on. (other then falling off the ceiling )
  6. Does anyone know if there is an alternative software for the APC Powerchute stuff? I currently have 2 batteries that I would like to monitor from 1 computer. I tried the Business Edition but it doesn’t work because the batteries connect to the computer via USB instead of the serial port. Here is the data that the software reports Model: Back-UPS NS 1250 LCD Serial number: JB0715****** Firmware revision: 846.H1a.D Date of last manual self-test: Never Result of last manual self-test: Not Recorded RAM: 3 GB Free disk space: 24,850 MB Software version: PowerChute Personal Edition 2.1.1 Thanks! Oh forgot to mention, they are both the same exact battery.
  7. Yeah right now my desktop is kinda the server, i was only wondering because my room mate has a 2.4 ghz quad core processor. This is currently what i have now, http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NQMXSWXEQEVSET7G im not sure why it takes so long, alltho i am turning .avi files into DVDs so i dont' know if that has anything to do with it. Oh and i have 2 sata drives in a raid 0 , those are currently my C:\ drive and my programs drive.
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone out there knew if there was a software to cluster CPUs on your home network. When I compress movies using nero or any other software it usually takes 30-40 minutes, i wanted to beable to link my room mates computer to mine so when im compressing stuff it uses his processor as well. Im not even sure if a software like this exists. Thanks!!
  9. Hi all, I have a motherboard with 2 built in gigabit ethernet ports on it, and whenever we have a lan party i usually end up transfering larger files to other on the network. I was wondering if it was possible to plug both of my ethernet ports into the same switch so when people pull stuff off of me it will use both of my ports instead of just one. Like im not sure if this is an automatic thing or if there is software that does this. I do realize even tho i have gigabit ports they will only work at 100 because of my switch, but still 200mbps is better then 100. Thanks! Joe
  10. when i click that there is no system protection tab
  11. Hi all, I remember when looking around here i saw a forum that was talking about running out of harddrive space and the cause of it was the vista restore and how to turn it off. Does anyone recall where this was at or remember how to do it? Thanks! Joe
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