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  1. Sorry I should have explained what it was. Fraps not only gives you the FPS in the game but it also lets you record video and audio in the game as well.
  2. Does anyone know of a free alternative to fraps that would work with vista 64bit? I have been looking around but can't seem to find any. Thanks!
  3. oh i know its just the fact that i paid for it so why not beable to use it. but with xp 64bit i didnt know if it would run any faster in general The place i work for gets the microsoft action pack thing wiht all kinds of software and keys. so they might beable to give me a legeal copy i just didn't know for playing games if it would be worth the trouble or not.
  4. ok thanks =) i might have to get it, do you think i will see a big difference running a 64bit os compared to a 32?
  5. do you have to have a 64bit processor i take it to run xp 64 bit?
  6. Hmmm so by the sounds of it im pretty much screwed. am I correct? and is the /PAE and /3GB the same command? I have used the /3gb command and it didn't work
  7. Hi everyone, I just build a brand new computer as of last night. Everything works great, its super fast, but what I can't figure out is that out of 4gb of ram windows says it only sees 3.25gb. I have no idea why this might be happening other then the fact that my video card has 768mb of ram on it and windows xp has a limit of 4gb. I didn't think that windows saw video ram as system memory but maybe im wrong. Also my mother board has 3 pci express slots 2 blue and 1 white the users guide doesn't say what one to use if you only have one video card. Here is a Pit test of my system http
  8. Ok thanks ill look around in there, Thanks again for all the help
  9. Yea it was at the max. See this is what i don't understand tho when i hooked the screen up there was only 1 plug that i had to plug in and that went straight into my video card.... so i don't know where this things pulling power from or where the inverter is located. But something strage I noticed today was when i open the lid its really really dark but it kinda fades brighter and it stops after about 15 seconds. Kinda like its warming up or something.
  10. Yea it lets me put it up and down with the FN key but at its highest its still dark.
  11. Same thing Still not as bright as it originally was. But yoru right, it almost looks like its not getting that little boost that it used to when you plug it in. Like when you unplug it and plug it in it doesn't flicker like used to do. Is there a program that lets you change the amount of power that goes to the bulbs? I tried to change the setting for my video card that lets you change the brightness of the screen but its not bulb brightness just color so it washes everything out. Here is my comp specs, not that this will help but.... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=D4Q
  12. Hi Everyone, Im having problems witn my LCD screen. About 3 months ago I noticed that it was very dark and i thought it was just the normal life of the LCD Screen catching up wiht it. (I have had it for about 2 years and its on 18+ hours a day) So I called up Dell and had them send me a brand new screen (Screen and new bulbs) I put it in but its still just as dark, my friend has the same exact laptop and his is about 40-50% brighter then mine is. Does anyone have any ideas about why the screen is still so dark? (yes i have tried holding in the function key and turning the brightness up a
  13. nope no luck.....should i try flashing my bios with the latest bios?
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