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    pentium 4, 2 gig 80 gig HDD 128 mb Nvidia graphics windows XP pro

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  1. If I uninstall Zonealarm, I be able to uninstall the game then ????
  2. I havent installed alcohol , all I run at the moment is Zone alarm security suite, which is a spywarechecker antivirus and firewall all in one, which has an email phishing/spam checker attached ....could this be causing the problem??
  3. Thanks Joe , I`ve tried that, the disc is spotless...it`ll be something silly thats stopping it uninstalling or installing ...but what the hell is it ???
  4. Hi. , Not sure if this is the right area to put this request for help so I put the same request in an other topic aswel.. I reformatted my hard drive and then installed most of the stuff back on that I wanted. All was fine untill I installed MOHAA (Iknow its old , but I like it) and there was some sort of error at the last minute and then the box came up which said "finish". I clicked it and everything seemed fine untill it came to playing the game...it wouldnt play, so I went to Add/remove programmes to remove it and noticed it only had 1.32mb as the amount of disc space so I clicked remove and it went through the motions , but the thing is still there in the list if programmes with 1.32mb of memory. I tried deleteing manually then using add/remove again ,..nothing.I have tried to reinstall the game, but it just comes back with "repair" "modify" "uninstall" and have tried all 3 but it wont uninstall , and wont re-install. When I try to uninstall now, it just goes straight to the "finish" screen . Things I`ve tried numerous times:- Add/ remove programmes. reg cleaner then add/remove programmes modify on disc installation (loads the files but game wont play) then add/remove searched files with MOHAA and medal of honor ...deleted all files then tried loading. Can someone please point me in the right direction as to why it wont uninstall or install as I`m pulling my hair out , I didnt even want to play this particular game , I want to play the "Add on" spearhead , but MOHAA needs to be loaded first.
  5. Thanks for that Bonzai . That was a great utility
  6. I know its an NEC Mother board , How do I find out the model number...something in the bios ???
  7. Hi. Its my first post, so not sure if it in the right place.... I`m looking at getting a more powerful processor for my Packard Bell PC and have been told I need to check whether its a "prescot" type , or a "northwood" type. At present i have a 2Gb processor and have seen a few 2.8 and 3.0 on Ebay but not sure of my type to match it up. What I do know is that I have a 478 pin type and its a pentium 4. Does this mean that all pentium 4 , 478 pin processors will fit or do I have to check northwood -prescot . If I need to check, how do I check what I`ve got, to what I need to get, if you know what I mean. many thanks in advance
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