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  1. I do see 2 csrss.exe processes, but i dont really know what to make out of all of it...my computer does seem to be acting normal again, however I am kind of worried.
  2. Hey thanks for the suggestion, so i used Super Anti Spyware and did a full scan and a custom scan it found nothing..the process explorer is a little unclear to me when using it however.
  3. I will dload the process explorer tonight, i dont know about a buying that super anti spyware program though. Ill let you guys know what i get tommorrow. Thanks guys
  4. Yes I did uninstall poweriso. I think i have a bug or something.
  5. Hello PC Pitstop, I recently ran into an issue after installing PowerISO that is as follows. Whenever I use a web browser (IE or Mozilla) my CPU usage is low for a little while then it jumps to about 50 to 90% and goes up and down for minutes in that range. What the heck is going? Trying to watch a movie online becomes a pain due to freezing of a frame and I do have a quick internet connection. I do not have a previous restore point and I scanned in safe mode with malware bytes, registry cleaner and avast antivirus and found nothing that fixed the problem. Help would be much appreciated.
  6. There are viruses that keep you from installing certain programs and also hijack your browser. My only suggestion would be to save any important files and boot from xp disc.
  7. On vista you can get your computer rated depending on performance. 5.9 being the highest. I have an intel quad core 6600 with 4 gigs of ram and dual vid cards. The 5.4 was my lowest score for memory/ram. Graphics, processor and primary hard disk were all topped and gamng graphics was 5.7.
  8. I did go through to speed up my computer as much as possible, I got a 5.4 rating. However I get that little circle thing every now and then when browsing, the extra second it takes to go from one picture to the next on occasion is confusing.
  9. My computer is pretty quick, but it still lags when i am viewing simple pictures. I dont quite understand....I want to like it, but its so hard.
  10. Its weird because I can play two movies at once at full size on each screen, however it seems that when I play video games, the shifting begans, I placed the movie in between both of my monitors and started the game so the movie would shift over to the center of the second screen and the centering worked, but I can see the graphics of one or the other, being the video game or the movie, only one at a time. Lame! The first tutorial requires non Nvidia cards, which I dont have, and the second is for Vista, I have XP, so I guess I just can't. Darn.
  11. Originally I had them set up in SLI but it would only display a visual on one screen, when I disabled SLI it displayed a visual on both screens, but when I try to play on one, the second screen shifts over.
  12. Hey guys, I have a dual monitor setup with dual video cards that are equivalent to an 8600GT, I was told that I have to turn SLI off to run two monitors, I was running into an issue where if I play a video game on one screen, say the left one, the right screen shifts over about halfway. Any idea what I might be able to do to still use both screens, to maybe watch a video or something on the right one?
  13. Im almost positive that brand does not matter, the inputs should fit either VGA or DVI style, one or the other, and there are adapters that will help you, i have a 2000 dell computer that runs either of my 22 inch montitors just fine and one has a VGA and other has a DVI.
  14. As far as your photo and video editing, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are ideal. You can do pretty much anything there as far as creating a visual effect, and with Adobe After Effects, you can put your graphics together over existing video or simply create new motion graphics, I would say its the best way to go.
  15. This guide is easy to follow...nice thread.
  16. Thank you very much. I hope you win a million dollars.
  17. I feel you on the advice, but im a student you know, buying CS2, then CS3, Maya 8 then 8.5 then 2008, like it starts to become taxing, I bought a few of adobe's programs in the past, but man, i found out you can get them free, so now i do that, but i run into a problem like this every now and then, i started noticing an issue when trying to get Nero 8 so i could burn video clips to dvd. Adobe extended was needed for a new plugin to work and help me with after effects. Mainly due to school i download these programs, they are fun, but having a virus is not cool . I try and be careful, but i only
  18. Okay so i was playing with the online malware scan, it scans one file at a time only? It would seem that by the time the file is scanned it has already infected the computer because its on your computer. I dont necessarily understand. I scanned ATF-Cleaner.exe.
  19. Looks good, I dloaded spyware blaster, messin around with that, bookmarked the page of crappy antivirus programs. Use firefox already, went to get window update, looks like comp is updated, will try and get the most recent java again in a few days. Took off that view media player thing. I have a question though, say i download an rar or zipped file, can i dload it first and scan it, and if it is infected just delete it, or does it just unleash the virus as soon as i put it on my computer as a zipped file without extracting yet. Oh, and thanks a lot for all your help and being so polite and tol
  20. Hey thanks for keeping an eye on this thread, here is the newest HJT log, i did install the update 3 from Sun Java, deleted the files and folders you asked me to. However the file requested scan I was unable to do, it doesnt find windows_update.exe and i cant find it either following the same path, i do believe it was in the qoobox, but now its completely gone. HJT Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 1:51:43 PM, on 2/26/2008 Platform: Windows XP SP3, v.3264 (WinNT 5.01.2600) MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.3264) Boot mode: Normal Running processe
  21. I was initially trying to dload java onto my desktop right? now i do an install right off the web? Its just not letting dload it at all..im not sure what is going on either, maybe it will change by tommorrow, i have no school til tuesday, so ill be at it again. Should i go ahead and delete the qoobox and the other files you told me to get rid of other than the java?
  22. I actually do have accept cookies enabled, but its not working, i dont see any sign of it trying to be blocked other than the message..that customer service thing said they will try and answer in 1 to 3 days.
  23. Im trying to download the Java Runtime Env. but it tells me this [ Your download transaction cannot be approved. Contact Customer Service.] after i select the OS and language and hit agree. I sent a message to customer service though.
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