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  1. Why is it that customers always want everything now, everything their way, and everything for free? You know why you get India, or wherever? Because the money you pay for a warranty is laughable. $200 for 3 years of coverage? $200 might cover ONE component in a computer. You're basically getting the phone support as a free service, so why should they pay top dollar for it? If you think they should, you would run a company into the ground in under a week. The only reason they outsource is to keep prices down and save you, the ever complaining customer, money. If you don't want to have a bad experience with tech support you need to NOT follow this customer's example. Make sure you know about your computer BEFORE you buy it. Read the warranty, it's available on the website. Read the configuration information, available on the website. Read the system specifications, also on the website. There isn't a single bit of information about these computers that isn't available either on the main or the support websites. The plain and simple fact is yes, the technician may have been rude, but it was the ignorance of the customer that caused this call to exist in the first place. By the way, the customer also might want to remove the audio clip as I'm pretty sure the technician didn't agree to allow him to put it online. That's a violation of privacy laws, regardless if he had permission or not to record it. Something he might want to take into account was the technician was in Canada (thus the CA badge), and not South Dakota, so recording the call without permission was illegal regardless of the customer assumimg the tech's location based on the tech's vague responces.
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