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  1. no it is not ok to be rude to anyone. and when I am talking to a cust on the phone no matter how frustrating the call and the cust is being rude with me, I will try to be as friendly and helpful as I can. but here everyone is really cutting down gateway technical support all because of 1 person that got recorded (without her knowledge or consent) that was not the friendliest.
  2. Edited: personal attack - - I_G
  3. I would like to say a few words on this subject. Not all Gateway techs are that rude. I do admit that she did give you false info. But you were in the wrong as well by recording the phone call without her consent. I understand about the gateway tech support as I am one of those. But I am not rude to customers even tho they can frustrate you. You just deal with it and offer as much support as it takes to resolve the issue. So don't judge everyone at gateway tech support just because you got 1 rude agent on the phone.
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