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    P4 loaded, 1 gig mem, sound blaster audigy, 256 meg ati video, 2x 80gig hd, 1x 40 gig hd, 17" monotor, your standard gamer xp system
  1. I am a computer tech of about 15 years now. These big companys outsource their tech support calls to small branch offices and prison convicts (cheap labor)! I would like to see more that speak CLEAR english!!! I would like to see more that have hands on training with the software!!! That tech support call should be gave to gateway corprate office to let them know how the peons are doing. and for the love of god, don't use aol! If you do, dont mess it up!!!!!!!!! if you do, do you know what happens.... it will be worse than that call every time.... aol stands for (A)ll (O)ut of (L)uck just remember that when you have been on the phone over an hour waiting to talk to someone whe dosen't even speak the same language that you do..... I have delt with aol many times for my customers and coulden't find anyone whe spoke clear english... just cant understand someone who barely speaks english as it is... and then they try to tell you how to do something that they don't even know how to do.... get a clue aol, gateway, dell, hp and all the rest..... aghhhhh coulden't get any specific answers from aol... they all read from their little cards aol just sucks.... stay far away.... sorry don't mean to make this sound like a grip session..... but it is!!!!!!!!
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