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  1. Boy am I glad I don't own a Gateway or E-Machine. The master tech sounds like he is a stereotype geek that can't spell, doesn't know good English and sure doesn't know courtesy or how to talk to people properly with respect. How the heck could he train anyone else. If all their phone techs are trained by this guy, no wonder we have the difficulty we have. In all honesty, I have talked to many techs who were knowledgeable and courteous even when I asked a stupid question. The problem any tech center has is finding people qualified in both technical aspects and people skills. Not many of them around. Folks with people skills are usually not technically oriented and vice versa, hence the "geek" stereotype. The guy who made the call obviously knew what the D drive was for. Any of us who have worked on computers for a while know that. The problem is the person on the phone did not and covered up her lack of knowledge with a stupid answer. What she should have been trained to do is pass the call on to someone who did. I have been talking to AT&T on the phone about my new WiMax broadband. They have a 3 tier system. If the tier 1 guy can't solve the problem, it is passed on to tier 2. If no help there, on to tier 3. All have been very helpful and courteous. The problems I had with HP support were that I could never talk to a supervisor. Seems I am not alone. I just added a new page to my site to post some of the horror stories about bad service from HP. http://www.barrett.net/hphorrors.html is the new page and http://www.barrett.net/ihatehp.html is my original rant. Sure haven't had anyone from HP try to justify their behavior.
  2. Thanks. I'm aware of Internet faxing but it's down side is not having a local phone number.
  3. I checked out snappysoftware and it may be an answer but it is a shame to have to pay 30 bucks for something that was free in XP. Thanks
  4. I have used my computers to send and receive faxes for many years at home and my one man office and I have recommended it to my clients as well. It avoids having a fax machine and wasting paper on fax spams. Now Microsoft has elected to leave it out of the Home versions. They state "Windows Fax and Scan is on the main All Programs menu of the Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate editions. It can be installed as an optional component in Windows Vista Enterprise." What they don't say is that it is not even an option in Home and Home Premium. This is either a stupid mistake thinking faxing is only done by offices or it is intentional to make users buy a more expensive version. Well guess what? Many offices are using the feature in XP and are going to be really upset when they upgrade thinking they can use Home versions. As for me, I will not buy Vista and am telling everyone I know not to. See http://www.barrett.net/fax.html I looked on line for a simple program to do it and all I could find was stuff designed for companies who broadcast. If I decide I need a new machine, I'll uninstall Vista and install XP. Or maybe best yet, I'll just rebuild my existing machines. Anybody know of a simple, inexpensive (or free) fax program?
  5. Beaulanger should have read my web page http://www.barrett.net/ihatehp.html before he made the mistake of buying one. I tell all my clients to buy the extended warranty if they choose to buy any HP or Compaq product. Many folks hate buying from Fry's or Best Buy but if you get the extended warranty, you don't have to deal with HP/Compaq. Guess the same applies to E-Machine since they are owned by Gateway. But with Dell, you are stuck with them. I have had pretty good service from Dell in the past but the problem is you have to send the computer to them and pay shipping. Bummer.
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