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  1. I just got the PC Pitstop newsletter and had to check out the tech support recordings due to my unbelievable experiences with Dell. I am computer savvy enough to do what I need/want to do most of the time, but I am definitely not technically savvy. I desperately needed help from Dell one time while the computer was still under warranty. I was connected to someone who was in INDIA and barely spoke English. I tried for nearly 2 hours to explain my problem to this guy, and could not make him understand. I begged him to put someone on the phone who spoke English, which he refused to do. I could barely understand his accent. After all that time, he then informed me he could not help me and I would have to be transferred to Tier 2. Afraid of starting all over, I went ahead and stayed on the phone. It took 2 more hours to get Tier 2, but this guy was an American, and it took him less than 10 minutes to talk me through the problem and fix it. You call that tech support, at ANY level? I will never buy a Dell again that reason. I will find someone to build a computer for me that will stand behind what they built. It's more like tech UNSUPPORT!!!
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