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  1. Hi guys: Yes, the Gateway tech support person was wrong. She had her facts wrong and was obviously annoyed by the whole line of questioning. Maybe because she did not have the technical expertise to answer the questions, or maybe she just finished talking with a customer such as the ones I have had to deal with in the past. No, I am not a tech support person, but I have worked with the general public a great deal and it can be a nightmare. Most people call tech support with a chip on their shoulder and they take it out on the tech support person. This is wrong also. Yes, the tech support person is a representative of the company (in this case, Gateway) and therefore, should conduct themselves accordingly. However, many, many customers call to complain or ask a question about a topic that they know nothing about. This means that the customer is already frustrated when they call, and is therefore, on a "short fuse" anyway. We almost have a case of "two wrongs don't make a right" here. In any case, the companies such as Gateway and Dell really need to re-evaluate their philosophy on tech support. I think that the 1st tier people either need to be better technically prepared and/ or be given a Dale Carnegie course (or some facsimile thereof) on how to handle difficult people. Almost always, the 1st tier tech support person will have a difficult person on the other end. I guess I would be angry also if I just spent $1000, $2000 or more on a computer and it was not performing up to snuff. There isn't a good answer, as the customer will always be more than a little naive about the system they are using and the 1st tier tech support person will always be less qualified than needed. Add in the language barrier now that tech support for some companies such as Dell is "farmed out" to foreign countries (if calling from the USA), and one has a recipe for total disaster. I have had support issues, myself, with Dell and most of the problem was obviously a language issue and not even a tech issue.
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