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  1. I was expecting to hear something really bad, but only heard exasperation on the part of the Gateway employee who obviously wasn't up to the task. Agreed: Tech support is frequently less than competent -- always has been, probably always will be. Not only Gateway ... Tech support, in general, is pathetically inadequate. My own rule of thumb with respect to disk drives and other tech specifications -- Always expect less than advertised. For one thing, a "gigabyte" is sometimes claimed by a manufacturer to be 1,000,000,000 -- a power of 10 -- whereas the original definition is 2 to the 30th power, a power of 2. The larger the disk, the greater the discrepancy between the two definitions. Although the example makes interesting conversation, my approach in such circumstances is to make an additional tech support call or two, possibly asking for a supervisor if the second call proves unfruitful. I've had ISP support dismiss my support calls for my error in telling them what email program I use ("we don't support Eudora") when all I was asking was for the correct server designation; e.g., mail.xxxx.com???
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