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  1. No I think some of us are uneasy about what we consider entrapment, and baiting. This video, phone call will have absolutely no effect on any of these companies. We all know how bad tech support can be, and how great it can be. If the idea was to only point out bad or inadequate tech support it could have been done without mentioning the name of the company, the tech support's name or badge number. Instead it comes off like a vendetta against Gateway. Sorry we all hear things a little differently. I see I'm not the only one with this opinion.
  2. I have a somewhat different view. First of all the tech support may not have been the most pleasant or have explained the reasoning as well as she should have but she did explain in the very beginning that she could not help with that "problem". The caller continues to prod her with questions and statements she has no control over. Just the very fact the call was recorded from the beginning raises a red flag with me. Maybe she just doesn't suffer idiots well. She can not change policy, she can't explain company marketing, she can only try to help. I also picked up that she knew she was being baited and her voice reflected that. At no time was she rude, she always referred to the caller as sir. Exasperated yes, I would have been too. At least you got a tech support that paid wages here in the US and you didn't have a problem understanding her, unlike many overseas outsourced tech support. Not only that but this may have resulted in her losing her job. Do you know her situation? Maybe a single mother with 3 kids? Anyone ever stop to think what the consequences of this set-up were. Actually I think Rob should lose his job for this pathetic attempt at humor and deliberate entrapment! This is a non-issue.
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