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  1. Geez, this is the GEEK version of entrapment!! So, what was your intention?? What were you trying to prove with this phone call?? Having been a systems guru, working my way through the industry (as I went to school) from an assistant operator to my corner office with 4 workstations and a massage recliner, it's common knowledge that on-call support people are near the bottom of the ladder. They're only told what they "need to know" as a FIRST LINE support resource. I think the SHAME belongs on YOU- She was ALREADY tense when she answered the phone - or were you too busy getting ready for your "show" to notice?? And, you were taking up VALUABLE support time with something I bet you ALREADY knew the outcome of. So, thanks to you, some Gateway customer(s) with a REAL problem had to wait! IF you really want to make a change - talk to someone who can DECIDE & IMPLEMENT it!! Call the VP of Tech Design at Gateway and record THAT, instead of harassing someone that can't do anything except tell you the company policy. There's nothing more irritating than a brilliant dumb- trying to prove a point!
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