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  1. Forginve the mini essay, but there is much to say! I moved to Vista (Ultimate) out of necessity to keep up to date with Windows. I have both PSP7 and 8 installed and working. I have installed other programmes which didn't work using the compatibility mode and have managed to get them working. However, I have the 64 bit version, and some software just isn't set up for this. Software vendors are slow to embrace 64 bit technology so we have software that is Vista compatible, being 32 bit versions that will run. I find that it's a complete waste to have 64 bit machines that have 32 bit software. Some software claims to be Vista compatible, when in fact it is only compatibile with the 32 bit version. Microsoft should not have bothered with the 32 bit version. That way software vendors would have been forced to develop for 64 bit version. There is a general apathy among many vendors here. Can you imagine what will happen on the mover to 128 bit computing? Slow Machines. If you have a machine that runs slow, there is a way that you can speed it up simply by going to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings >Advanced Tab and clicking on the Settings button in the performance (top) section. Set this to "Adjust for Best Performance" and your machine should skip along much faster. You lose all the pretty styles, but these don't help with productivity, so who really needs them. One problem I have encountered is that a number of dialogue boxes are incomplete. Buttons and text end prematurely and nothing is wrapped. Has anyone else experienced this? Office 2003. Had problems with this. But I only install it for work use and StarOffice (and OpenOffice) install quite sucessfully and frankly, why pay for MS Office when there is a perfectly good free office suite with excellent compatibility. How things will develop with compatibility with Office 2007 we shall have to wait and see. Lost opportunities. One thing that has always niggled me is the lack of a buttont to create a new folder in Windows Explorer. This is still missing, but WE is now even worse in some areas. To display the folders list (navigation pane) now requires three clicks over the one click on the Folders button in previous versions. The Navigation Pane also has a habit of moving. I can see some benefits there, but generally, especially on a wide screen monitor it's a real pai in the rear. Security. This has improved in some areas, but note, there have still been security patches needed. The firewall isn't that good. Again, we have had to wait for vendors to come up with Vista versions, but really, why should we have to use third party software. Zone Alarm Free version is now Vista compatible and better than the built in Vista fire wall. I wanted to set up a raid array for my data drives. Even the motherboard manufacturer didn't have the software for the 64 bit version, and yet it is producing 64 bit hardware. It's nuts. Now I will have to do a re-install when that is available. Of course I won't be able to authenticate Vista via the Web, I will have to call them and explain why I have to re-authenticate it. Overall experiences, well, it works generally. Has some handy features, and good restore options, although adjusting the amount of space set aside is a pain. I believe that has been mentioned in here already. I have created a batch file so all I need to do now is run that and all is well. This will more than likely be the last version of Windows I will buy for myself. I will try and encourage people to look at Ubunto or other Linux flavour, or at least to try it. As soon as Linux has drivers that better support widescreen displays, that will become my main OS. Will be trying the new Ubunto later to see if things have improved.
  2. My guess is that a great deal of tech support staff don't have a great deal of technical knowledge. They read from a script and that often involves a heck of a lot more questions and answers than are really necessary. Often on Premium rate calls too. Hence the frustration at so many questions.. And clearly she wasn't totally knowledgeable about the partition. I worked on an old HP PC with a 20Gb drive some time ago. Of that, 5Gb was taken up with a recovery partition. The recovery CDs didn't restore just the OS and initial software, but recreated that partition as well. At least these partitions don't take up a quarter of the HDD space these days! I like Paragon software for taking disk images and repartitioning of hard drives personally. Building ones own PC is really the best way to go if you have the patience!
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