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  1. I would post a test, however it fully completes and then tosses me to a *no session* page. Anyway, I had an old Packard Bell AM2+/DDR2 which I had been upgrading over the years, vid cards and recently a processor ( AM3 CPU fits ). LOL, that was like puting a V8 into a Cortina .. the 10+ year old board died 3 months later, * POP * oops .. So, I spent $50 on a Foxconn AMD AM3 (A76MLK_3.0) PCIe V2 board that would take all the stuff off the old board, and give it DDR3 RAM and allow the video card to run closer to proper speeds. Board came as OEM, no disc. FOXCONN (channel) site is dead .. no further support of any sort, it seems. Everything I find is linked to their sites .. all of which are closed .. Some site must have stored the files. ... As, even with a PCIe version 3 vid card, the version 2 board only runs at 1.1 .. .. 2.5GTs v's 5GTs .. version 3 is up to 8GTs. Nothing in bios seems to change that .. PCIe Auto detect is off, or on .. and only seems to reduce EMI from any vacant PCI slots ... It offers a GFX engine over-ride, but that is for the on-board ATI chip, and makes no difference if any aspect is on or off. AMD standard M/B drivers work .. but nothing seems to make the PCIe lane run at the correct speeds. It has an nVidia GTX780 purring in it .. a version 3 card. Had that card in another V2 machine, and it worked at V2 .. so, any ideas, or links to active sites where branded drivers/bios can be found? Thanks in advance.
  2. Me and 1000s of others ... running these tests has become a joke, and this was a wonderful place to get great advice. Fully complete all tests, have cookies exactly how they say, active X allowed and obviously active ... tried on 2 different machines, both exactly the same, get to the end and sit looking at a BS screen telling me I have not done anything. Lying to me about my cookie settings, lying to me about no session, how pathetic. I note also, many complain of this, yet there are no answers offered and the ones with a comment say the developers have been contacted. Well, for 3 years I have been seeing this anonymously, not bothering to log in, especially when the only reason to come here these days, is BROKE. Truly sad that the mighty $$$$ has overtaken the original site objectives, with this place, like so many good things, going to greed. The real reason things do not work for most, is so they can trap you into buying a full installed version.
  3. You, me and 1000s of others ... we wait ????
  4. WOW , that is a major issue, especially for world travellers ... Glad I know where and how to turn stuff off. 1511 and I am staying with it ....
  5. ... WOW , super short-cut ..
  6. My android phone does this, tells me authentication error when obtaining the IP addy from the home router. I fixed that by setting my own IP addy to access the router. Standard router range (say) - ... all DHCP items, around 20 to this router, all take an addy from 2 to 22*, I chose a number above all those and then some, to ensure the addy would not be issued dynamically to another device. (say) ... it always connects now when I get home. Good Luck
  7. THANKS ... Long time off the boards and machines, missed the place, but see some of the old names still screwing the M/Bs and vid cards ... Amazed my log in still worked, actually, I do follow the Pit on FB , BTW .. so never far off. I notice my 3rd (AMD boards) place in 2003 (I think it was) test link has gone south .. Never mind, this bucket of bolts I am on now would chew its' butt , 3 times over, and my laptop .. well .. maybe 5 times.
  8. I wonder if you have a homegroup set up? I do not use the homegroup option, however that should allow the 7s, 8s and 10s to all communicate equally and is easy to create. You do need to have shared folders available for the network folder to work proper, I think. What I have is a workgroup, and all machines are members in there. Password sharing is set, and the firewalls look after themselves. Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 all share files happily with each other. Access refusal is quite often after a sleep or snooze somewhere, and a reboot usually fixes it on the lost machine .. Maybe even just log off and on will too or resetting the adapter.
  9. Hey, I use VPNs all the time, geo blocking is a pain. Travelled a lot too, mainly Europe but back down under for now.. I now use Private Internet Access , just renewed with a discount after letting it lapse at full price I was having some speed and consistency issues, however that seems to have reduced somewhat lately. I was using Hotspot Shield, but it became very unreliable. PIA have a lot more servers and locations to choose from, at the same price, plus 100MB connections on most servers. Easy set-up and allows 5 connections per account, with android version on my old Samsung S2
  10. I have the RC on AMD64 3500+ with a gig of RAM. SATA drivers were a pain, but the network is what is causing me grief. I start up and it always sets the network as public that I'm accessing, and takes a bugger of a time to fix itself. I can't seem to see the normal "repair" option on the adapter properties either. I found installing drivers in XP SP2 compatability mode worked when no other way appeared to work. Network, SATA & on-board sound drivers do not have even vista drivers issued. I hate rebooting, it is a real frustration every time to be able to see the correct network, then get access to the net. Once it goes through the self repair sequence, sometimes two times, it all seems good again. Why does it forget who it is? Once I'm in, the network shares are all there, accessible, and so is this machine from them. I did manage a few settings in the home folfer options. Oh well, beta tester I am, and suffer my own consequences, lol.
  11. I've worn out one MOMO and am on the next. Can't fault the wheel, just the occasional person who plays with it. Grrr.
  12. UPDATED QUOTE(ByGeorge @ 3:19pm Sat Aug 4 2007) ByGeorge - C ya - Team C PC Pitstop AMD 64 3500+ Asrock K8Combo-z 1Gb Corsair XMS 3200 DDR2 Dual NVidia 7600GS 512 AGP Core-1 SLI-N Cooling-A 18549 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=9238570 9391 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=5469061 4304 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=3317248 AQUAMARK = 64,507 ALU 9547 FPU 10918 MEM 8019 Super pi = 35.985 Score = 151,590 Screen Dumps here: SCREEN SHOTS, I HOPE !! You can full screen these from within the page, just esc to go back. Trust all in order, now. AGAIN.
  13. UPDATED 3D's and Aquamark only. Again. Trust I dum this right.
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