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  1. This is accurate, if the SATA is seen as an IDE in bios, then no extra drivers are need, if is set as a raid array, it needs F6 drivers on a floppy. You could also install from within Vista, onto an already formatted SATA drive, and then I think Vista will generate an amendment to the boot ini file. I'm sure you could press F11 (or whatever option is displayed on screen) to choose the boot options screen and then select the drive you want to boot from. With Vista you can also get M$ version of Virtual drives, and install XP into a virtual drive which runs in a separate window in Vista. My lappie has this, but do make sure you have plenty of RAM. You can select where to store the virtual drive, and in this case it would be on the new disc. Lots of options really.
  2. Hi X IX, As you have re-installed and everything seems good, it would appear you have no issues to worry about. You didn't state whether you used a CD for the re-install or an on disc recovery option, like say in a dell or IBM machine. Essentially though, partitioning is for file security, you might have to format the system drive (C:\) if you get a virus (say), but the other drives (partitions) are not affected and the data remains secure on a separate drive. If you want to create a partition after the install of windows, get something like EASEUS Partition Manager 2.0 Professional for free and do that from inside windows. Good program, never had an issue with it. Post a test link and we could see if there are any real issues to see. Enjoy the $20 machine.
  3. You can have up to three primary partitions I believe and an almost unlimited number of extended ones. A primary partition, as pointed out by CB, is best. Supposedly has better data security I think. After that, it's up to you what size you want the partitions to be and what's in them. Photos in one, music in another, ...
  4. If you've only created a new mail addy it is most likely any messages will appear in your inbox, just like the other messages you get in OE. If you have set up a sub folder, you need to setup a rule to direct the mail from that addy to be placed in a specific folder.
  5. I could go on too. The kids and I (divorced) spent 08 summer in Cairns, snorkelling on the reef. They met Nemo, spent an hour or two on the sky gondolas across the hinterland to Miranda, mmm, butterfly museum and "aviary". However ... By your post I assume you must spend a lot of time on the machine. All these various programs doing their own different (but the same) things. That could be part of your problem. The backups and AVs and Anti Spams etc all have their place, but it is best to find one maybe 2 programs that you are happy with and sticking to them. If you want something different, turn something else off. Or uninstall it. Registry cleaners are also a gimmic in some cases, beneficial in some as well, and downright dangerous if it is one of a few I have heard of. Win System Cleaner is one that will kill a system. Some of them delete important files for no good reason. So long as you have a reliable backup somewhere I'd almost be inclided to reinstall from new, then install the backup program and restore a backup. Bingo, all fixed. Make sure the backup doesn't have the problem that caused all this in the first place.
  6. Yes, I do live close to god's garden, actually both when you include the barrier reef. Migaloo the albino (almost) humpback whale is on his way back, if you saw it when you were here. He's up the reef at the moment, heading south for summer. I wont mention our winters, oh bull, yes I will, it's been high 20's and 30's here, and it's still winter. The poms and kiwis are swimming. lol. Have a good one, and good luck. Oh, use the System's disc in preference to the non-standard disc if you can.
  7. Hello Miss Bristol, As you have the recovery CDs, have you tried booting from the first cd and choosing an option that would appear. Usually a number of options are available, but you might be able to just boot into the windows installation and setup. If you can, you can restore the system to a state the same as when it was first built. That means it will need to update again, but this will work. It will also work straight off the XP CD if that is the system you have installed. You don't say if you have Vista or XP on the machine. You need to start the installation of the operating system from the CD, select enter when it asks you do you want to install. DO NOT go into the restore option at that screen. When the system has loaded some files into RAM, it will ask you if you want to install or REPAIR and existing installation. It should show at the bottom the current installed system, if it does select REPAIR the current installation. You'll need your key handy, and it might have to re-activate. 3 days probably. So hope it works, lol. You'll be on the phone otherwise, but that's easy, I've rung about 5 times, no issues ever. Never mind, it will seem as though the entire system is being reinstalled, but all it does is replace any system files that are not the same as those on disc, repairs the registry, fixes the way things are supposed to work, and generally will return you to a stable and functioning machine. And, the bonus is all the currently installed programs are still there and functioning as they should. It is a good idea to update the system immediately, as some of those programs now installed may need some of the updated system files. Sothe best of british to you, Cheers
  8. "Not nerdy, but definitely not hip." 32%
  9. Well well, the things we miss. Firstly, it is breathe, not breath Bear, sorry. Second, I love the "Kiwi" in the Teacup, and if you're not an expat, you sure "sound" like one. Finally, I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of the original poster. One form of evil feeding off another to the great detriment of society. It is called capitalism. It is a product of a democracy. We asked for it, and here it is. But without them, what would we have. I actually love them, it seems. Music Companies, Computer stuff, Fuel companies, various levels of government, it doesn't realy matter, you MUST deal with them, listen to or utilize their equipment, products or programs. I recognize the lack of choice, and accept it for what it is. Shareholder profits. How to get your own back? Buy some shares.
  10. Well as far as I'm concerned, the sheep can go to whomever will pay the highest premium for whatever version of the product they want. I don't see the concern for the animal's welfare. The next thing you'll see is someone trying to educate the sheep that they are being sent to their death. On the other issue regarding the wheat sales to IRAQ, well I see it from a slightly different perspective than DD, (But agree "Little Johnny" is past is due date), you could look at this as similar to the subsidies paid by the oposition governments to their own farmers to overproduce so they can quote cheap to get the contracts. These payments were arranged subsequent to the contracts being signed, and were essentially extortion/blackmail to allow the produce through. Again what is displayed is not something sinister from a western nation, but another backdoor attempt by Saddam and his cronies to maintain power. IMHO
  11. You are right, it is touchy. Without knowing enough from here, I do not give advice. I will provide an experience. As a father of two daughters, and the former husband of a violent wife, (yes), I know that many fathers are driven from the "family" during the heat of the separation. Many lies and false, unprovable accusations are aired, and some men just can't handle it and hide. That is a standard response by the male of the species, avoid conflict. Now there are some men that are the person described, however, stats prove a significant number of allegations are vexacious . I don't know when this man "left", but it sounds a while ago, and maybe the girl doesn't know the complete truth about the circumstances prevailing at the time. I have two very close mates who have not seen their children for many years. In both cases, very young children were forced to tell their fathers they "didn't want to see them anymore". I can tell you from personal experience, that is very hard to hear, and then ignore. If it happens regularly, the men figure it is best for the kids if they just leave well enough alone. "It will be better for the kids", "Less Conflict". That's all bullsh*t. I have fought over 3 years for my kids, been deprived of almost any contact, but I have refused to listen to the words put in the kids mouths, which they repeat, just to keep the peace in the home they are forced to live in. Coming back years later and trying to resurrect a relationship, is almost impossible. The children are allowed to believe their "Dad walked out on THEM" and so the guilt trip starts, the kids "believe" they are responsible for the situation, and develop psychological problems. Lack of self esteme is one. After hearing the words I have, and then having to have the orders enforced by the courts, I obtain the opportunity to see my kids GLEEFULLY come to contact visits with me. The anger they face at their "home" is extreme, they are required to conform to demands that should never be placed on young children, they are told their father will "run away with them" or "your dad will kill you", all lovely thoughts for little kids. It is impossible for me to assess where this friend is or has been. I DO however feel there may be more to the issue than is apparent from our distant perspectives.
  12. G'day Bobd, Just a quick look and I see lots of Yahoo stuff running and would suggest shuttin g those programs down and see if it keeps re-starting. and WTSRV.EXE is linked into that on other forums. Hope it helps.
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