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  1. Delete it and get Microsoft Security Essentials. It is a free anti-virus from Microsoft which I have been using for years. It can be found on the Microsoft site or google it.
  2. I have got that far so far. I am trying to install japanese. Which one is it. I have 7 home premium.
  3. I have 7 home and it does not have the language packs installed. I am looking for a site were i can download then install. I have the vistalizer but cannot install the language.
  4. I am trying to download the Japanese language using the vistalizer on 7 home. I am getting the message that it is the wrong one. Any help appreciated.
  5. Make sure your computer is up to date with the latest service packs and updates. Also make sure that your browser is the latest.
  6. Try a right click on the file and then properties and then unblock.
  7. It is pre service pack 2 and it has happended every time.
  8. I have thrown in the towel with xp and installed vista and am now online with it. It is probably a fault with the installation disk on xp. Cheers.
  9. I have got prowin32 on a memory stick and when i try to install them i get an error message saying THE PROCEDURE ENTRYPOINT ENCODE pointer COULD NOT BE LOCATED IN THE DYNAMIC LINK LIBRARY kernel32.dll Sorry about the caps i have just realised.
  10. I have installed xp but am left with the same old problem no internet connections. The ethernet controller etc.
  11. Yea, just changed it and the drive is now formatting. So it is looking good. I will let you know the result in the morning.. Cheers.
  12. I am installing xp but there is no floppy drive. How do i switch to ide.
  13. I have tried two. I am not sure were they go so have tried different ones. There are four slots on the mb together and there is one coming from near the cd/dvd but i cammot see were it starts. I have just connected the data cable and in the hard drive diagnostics it is showing the hard drive in drive 0 but when i try to install the os it says that there are no hard drives installed. It is also now showing on the menu when i boot off the disk. I alo get the list were it says safe mode start normally, last known good config etc. I have tried all of them but it won,t boot.
  14. Dell precision 390. I get a message when i boot saying drive 0 not found press f1 to try again. It is swiched on in the bios. I have had the hard drive showing up drive 2 and drive 4 but cannot find drive o. I have booted off the disk and it says setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on this computer.
  15. Try clearing all your logs in the event viewer. This can be found in administrative tools.
  16. Try www.wisecleaner.com it has a few tools that might come in handy. also www.iobit.com amd download the advanced system care only. i never use the registry cleaner as i find it unreliable.
  17. Which slot would it fit into as there are only two slots on the mb.
  18. I have the latest drivers installed, just double checked with amd. I think i will leave it as it is as it is not worth to much trouble, although i will look into a legacy pci video card. Thanks.
  19. What if i fitted a pci express card slot. There is a place where one looks as if it should go.
  20. It is a fujitsu esprimo p2510 desktop running vista business.
  21. ATI 200 series, onboard. Maybe you know the best card to install.
  22. The monitor will work better with the correct drivers.
  23. Just being careful. I do not have the monitor yet and it does not come with the installation disc.
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