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  1. My Uncle has a brand new HP compaq computer. It came with Vista Home Premium 32bit. He must have got something because nothing would work and couldn't get online. I brought the computer to my house and took it back to origianl state. I have DSl and it was just as fast as mine. I took it back to his house and it worked. The problem is he has dial up and it has always been slow. I was hoping fixing it would help but, it didn't. I went to pc pitstop and did a bandwith test and it stated download speed was 23Kbps, upload was 166Kbps. I tried to do a complete test but it would time out before I could even start it. When I download something it states it is downloading at 2KBps. AT&T say the phone line is fine, HP says computer is set up right and no problems. They both blame each other. I was hoping maybe somebody on here could help me on what to check. Computer is new, no garbage files, no junk, no trash bin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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