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  1. Rosemary, spearmint, and clove soap is curing...A bit of a smell experiment. I swear any mint and rosemary smells like thin mints to me.

  2. I don't suppose any of my facebook friends have a used mandolin?

  3. Curse HP printers.

  4. 1/11/11 How awesome is that?? If there were ever a time to make a New Year's Resolution, I think today is a good day!

  5. I have a new shop vac, and I dub him Dalek Caan. http://imgur.com/OuDpP

  6. Ahhh.... Hakutsuru Sake on ice.

  7. Not FAIR! This will impair my tea reorder from Kyoto!! How ridiculous is this? Like a bomb couldn't be 1lb or less??? http://www.naturalnews.com/030642_TSA_airmail.html

  8. Tim Curry + Psych = hilarious.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!

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