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  1. All done, thanks so very much for the help, I feel a lot better now. All the best, Achilleas.
  2. Hi again. I did as instructed, 1 virus was found and removed. Was not asked to restart. I erased all the files in combofix's quarantine, hope that wsn't a mistake. Also now I have on an extra usb hard disk, i use for stotage, if it makes any diference. Downloaded otcleanit but haven't done anything with it yet. Is it like ccleaner? (i use that one). the mbam log: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.08 Database version: 495 Scan type: Quick Scan Objects scanned: 28095 Time elapsed: 3 minute(s), 38 second(s) Memory Processes Infected: 0 Memory Modules Infected:
  3. Hi Essexboy, thanks for helping. I did like instructed, combofix restarted my pc before producing the log file. Very happy to see safe mode now works. What do I do whith the combofix's quarantine folder, can I delete these files? Combofix log: ComboFix 08-03-14.4 - Achilleas 2008-03-16 7:15:26.1 - NTFSx86 Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.1252.1.1033.18.687 [GMT 1:00] Running from: C:\Documents and Settings\Achilleas\Desktop\Combo-Fix.exe * Created a new restore point WARNING -THIS MACHINE DOES NOT HAVE THE RECOVERY CONSOLE INSTALLED !! . (((((((((((((((
  4. Some virus caused my pc not to be able to boot in safe mode. I was adviced in another forum to post here and that the virus appears to be : bagle/beagle virus. My antivirus did get crippled, it appears to be ok now after uninstalling it and reinstalling, it cleaned quite some virus, pc appears to be clean now but the problem still remains. Please help, i get really worried that something worse might come along. The hijackthis log is as follows: Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 21:12:24, on 2008-03-15 Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600) MSIE: In
  5. Thanks a lot guys. Intelguy's tip solved it. It needed be uninstalled first.
  6. The Explorer. Actually I just noticed that Firefox plays the videos allright, but still it's quite strange because I was viewing everythin in internet explorer and sudenly this happens.
  7. Suddenly I can't view videos on youtube, I get the message that java script is turned off, or I need the latest flash player. The problem keeps on even after I install the latest player. I suspect that maybe i got some bug, some virus or something, because this has happenned once before and I did have those, i had to go through all the procedure of removing viruses and spyware I was not aware of. Help will be appriciated, Achilleas
  8. Good monring ourwilly, ok with the last instructions (as a matter of fact restore system was off all the time, as someone advised me to do so, when iI remove dirt from the pc). That was quite some procedure, Thank You so very much for all your help and concern. Achilleas
  9. Hello ourwilly I removed Ultraedit toolbal with the Clean Uninstaler, (I got the message: Cannot unregister ultraedit toolbar), but it got removed from the list. I removed Ultraedit 32 with the Uninstaler again, (nod came about and declared it detected a virus which was put in quarantine, like last time). This time I went on, the ultraedit uninstaller came on which removed Ultraedit. Finaly I run AVG-AS in safe mode, these are the results: ---------------------------------------------------------
  10. Hello ourwilly I uninstalled Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v1.4.2_13 with Ccleaner's Unistaller, there's also Java SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 1 in the list, should I uninstal that too? (Does this mean I'm left without Java?) When I tryed to uninstal UltraEdit 32 Nod 32 came up whith the message: File: C\DOCUME-1\GeKo\LOCALS-1\temp\21S72QDUUninstall\presetup\UltraEditTBSetup.exe Threat: Win32/Adware.BHO.W application Comment: Event occurred on a new file created by the application: C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit-32\U
  11. I wanted to uninstal Ultra edit 32 , before all this started but it seemed that the uninstall file was infected with virus, so i never tryed again.
  12. Hello ourlilly, I was wooried you were out for the weekend or something. AVG AS runs on the side fully updated automaticly yesterday, but I haven't run any scan with it yet. I deleted the 2 files Pandasoftware indicated (hope didn't do nothing wrong) and scaned with panda again, which resulted in nothing found at all. here's the files you asked for (after following your last instructions): Hijack This Unininstall list: µTorrent Absolute Pitch 2.16 Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Adobe Reader 8 Arial Sound Recorder version 1.3.3 ATI - Software Uninstall Utility A
  13. Here's a report from pada Activescan too, after a cleaned up with Cclean: Incident Status Location Spyware:Cookie/Tribalfusion Not disinfected C:\Documents and Settings\GeKo\Co
  14. Hello Willy Stupid enough of me (like running somethinf I wasn'sure what it was, that caused all this), I didn't realize your answer was in a new page and assumung you were delaying it, I run vudu fix scan again anyway, it didn't detect anything though. This is its report: VundoFix V6.3.21 Checking Java version... Scan started at 00:05:10 2007-05-03 Listing files found while scanning.... VundoFix V6.3.21 Checking Java version... Scan started at 00:49:03 2007-05-03 Listing files found while scanning.... C:\WINDOWS\system32\awttq.dll C:\WINDOWS\sy
  15. AVG-Anti spyware was just updated automayicly, so that should be ok now.
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